Covid-19: Spain's pandemic tourism policies irk locals #Spain #travel

As one of the most popular regions in Europe for holidaymakers, Spain is doing everything it can to save its tourism sector. Flights are up and running, and foreign tourists are allowed in with negative PCR tests. Germans and French are topping the visitor lists to the Balearic Islands, there to enjoy the beaches, bars and restaurants. Paradoxically though, Spaniards are banned from travelling between regions. The Spanish tourist sector is complaining about such contradictions, and many Spaniards are fed up with what they feel are inconsistent Covid-19 restrictions. Our correspondents report.

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  1. SPAIN. housing pyramid propped up with artificial money EU central banks counterfeited into existence. = fraud.
    now got a taste for authority and making signs that say NO. its become a laughable place without any future.

  2. Spain should really milk these tourists from richer countries. Instead of this attitude of, "Thank God they are coming so I can work," every tourist should have to pay a massive entry fee. This would deter tourism and would take the money from those most able to pay. At the same time, the police should give massive fines payable on the spot for foreign tourists who do not comply with local guidelines, rules, laws. It is unconscionable that these tourists think that if they leave their own country they can do whatever they wish, though this attitude was common even before COVID.

  3. Are these Germans fully vaccinated? If not, they risk catching covid while in Spain! Am surprised that Germany still allow their citizens to holiday abroad considering both Germany and Spain are in the middle of a raging pandemic with vaccination rates at a low level in both countries while here in the UK foreign holidays are still illegal despite having the best vaccination rates in Europe although we are now in the process of easing lockdown with all restrictions to be lifted come the end of June.

  4. Where did you take your information from? The GDP of Spain is usually 11% with the last "normal" year (2019) known is 13.5% far from the so-called "30%" as you stated (OECD statistics). Every professional who works on the tourist and hospitality sector in Europe (should) knows that. You must have confused with Greece which relies heavily on tourism making approximately 22% of its GDP in 2019. It's the country which suffers the most in Europe of the lack of tourism despite its good results during the first wave of the pandemy, one year ago.

  5. just comes to show money is more important than human life, not cool Spain. Even Trump put American citizens before tourist cause he knows if he did the same there would been a revolution in America. i guess things work differently in Spain.

  6. People just cannot see that the whole fiasco is a series of psychological, behavioural experiments. One country's nationals can do one thing, another country's nationals cannot, etc… It's not meant to make sense. It's meant to drive people crazy and compliant. Same as the mask wearing, to be obedient slaves. CDC, Faucci, etc have all said masks are useless to the wearer and everyone around them. No benefits, but risk of personal health damage to the wearer.

  7. In countries like Australia, each state or territory can be like going into another country, from what I see. You need papers, in certain parts to stay in quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks at your own expense.

  8. It makes a lot of sense. Spainards mix and especially during easter visit their relatives. Secondly the tourists leave and bring their infection home and don't stay in the country.

  9. Es que veo aún más histeria. El hecho que los propios españoles tienen que andar con el bozal puesto hasta en la playa y los turistas tal vez no es una hipocresía enorme. No entiendo porqué no se cuestionan estas 'normas' crueles e innecesarias.

  10. Mask is the new fascist armband . This dictatorship is giving rise to a medical apartheid – a system of segregation that punishes healthy people for not complying. Bill Gates and GAVI is the source of terror behind WHO, the lock downs, restrictions, and authoritarian medical edicts that are compelling vaccination experiments.

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