Counting Crows – Holiday break in Spain #Spain #travel

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  1. I just started dating this woman. She's petite, really cool person. When the song says "Drive that little girl insane. ", it makes think of her. Not trying to sound vulgar but we're at that point of enjoying great sex and "driving her insane". I really hope this lasts a long time, I'm ready to finally be in love.

  2. they are so good,,been listening to them for decades…this year saw them opening for matchbox 20…a much inferior band…all the people I went to the concert with agreed…THey deserve so much more…love counting crows…

  3. me encanta esta canción, me hace viajar a una década atrás, pero hay que "volar hacia nuevos lugares". (I love this song, makes me travel a decade ago, but you have to "fly to somewhere new ")

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