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When all the things appeared to be going effectively, 2018 has gotten extremely sophisticated, so a great deal so that Mauricio Macri’s authorities has been pressured to check with for a “bailout” from the Worldwide Financial Fund.

What is taking place with the Argentine peso? Is Argentina running the threat of going bankrupt again? What is gradualism? Don’t miss out on our video clip right now.

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Casa Rosada
Banco Central de la República Argentina

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  1. Prior to joining the Euro, several European countries (EG Greece, Spain, Portugal etc…) had similar issues of falling value of their currency and many economic problems.

    But this meant that things like tourism to those countries became really, really cheap. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, my Grandparents found that (during the winter months) it was cheaper to stay in a Five Star Hotel in Spain, Greece or Portugal than it was to live in their house in the UK.

    So during the colder winter months in the UK (October to March) my grandparents went on holiday for months on end to these countries.

    The economic effect of this mass tourism helped to boost/support the economies of countries such as Greece, Spain and Portugal.

    (NB Since joining the Euro, Spain Greece and Portugal have found that , due to the high value of the Euro, tourism to these countries is much more expensive. So when we watch the TV news, we can see the economic problems that these countries have).

    Given that Argentina is NOT part of anything like the Euro, promoting tourism to Argentina would be a great way of attracting foreign currencies and foreign investment.

  2. can you show clips while youre talking instead of showing them with music? And we don't have to see your face every few seconds. It would really cut the video down in length…

  3. You can not explain the actual crisis with the former government. Why? Simply because the economy policy of both governments (CFK and MM) had been diametrically opposed. CFK spent a lot, thats true, (there was a lot of people without jobs) but she didn´t have to ask a single dolar to the FMI. This motherfucker (the actual) stole all of the many that we spent in education and public health and gave it to the banks, the investment funds, and of course to his friends. Argentina was getting up slowly, working hard, but this man lied to everyone and has led us to this crisis

  4. Argentina's recurrent crises just show the importance of good governance. As a country Argentina should be as politically and economically stable as Australia as most of it's land lies in temperate climatic zones, it has vast agricultural resources and a largely homogenous population mix of over 90% Italian and Spanish immigrant descent. There are small local minorities of Welsh, Irish, Germans etc which are largely a positive addition from an economic standpoint (and small numbers Native peoples like the Mapuche), so compared to some other Latin American countries there are fewer negative legacies and tensions such as that of slavery in Brazil or conflict between dispossessed indigenous people and those of European descent as in Bolivia. . However, despite all those advantages they have stumbled for one crisis to another as corruption and incompetent govt has frittered away all their advantages.

  5. This is absolute BULL CRAP .so they borrowed a ton of money and that wasn't enough for the big shot goverment pigs taking the money for them selves.and giving the people and where ever they needed money the shafts so then there broke so they make them selves monopoly money and that bomb always will so then they want to borrow 50 billion and they will be broke In less then a year .Friggin goverment steeling bastards .Tell them they can pound coal up there ass and be done with the corrupt government assholes

  6. Well you can't expect the good and hard-working people to do charity their whole lives. Cough cough … "old" communists. It seems like many South American countries are Capitalist system with Socialist policies?

  7. There is some record sckratch in this video. The diagnostics is actually not precise. Even Macri´s team spent a lot of energy spreading how well the economy and infrastructure was when he occupied the seat in the Casa Rosada, by issuing this document: THen, they did not spread indoors the same story. Well, no one believed (abroad, in fact) Macri´s discourse. Inside, now there is a 65% disagreement with economic trends. Intervention of US Treasury (fighting their own battle with IMF) is the topping we need for the coming disaster: spiral inflation rate and NO signs of having any resource devoted to development of industry (small, medium or large) in any plans stated or silenced by Macri and Staff. If no production is developed this way is doomed to explode into default. So, We´ve seen this during the 90´s, with Menem and Cavallo. Why Macri insists in a fantasy discourse full of bullshit like "we created 600.000 jobs since we are in power, we are "domesticating" inflation, "we have finally overcome corruption". All of this with documented journalist results of clear manipulation of data to whiten black monies laundering with a more than dirty campaign, taking , stealing official Social Security data from the poorest strata to have them appear as donating for the campaing when they publicly denounce such a mafia practice. Clearly, Argentina´s future is taking a road which we have already gone through, as a country which had started enjoying some prosperity, back into the XVIIIth. century, as a colony and an occupated country.

  8. To those haters I tell them that with a 1000usd montly salary you barely rent a small house/flat and support a family of 4. Send your children to public school and that's it. That amount may seem a lot for a Latin American country but in Argentina everything is expensive. Even some food is now more expensive than in Europe. Imports are taxed over the top. When the iPhone 7 came out it was cheaper to travel to Miami, buy it there and return, than buying the phone here. Yes, it's an irrelevant item but it's an example. I love American cars: any Mustang or Camaro V8 starting price is 90k usd…

  9. Argentina simply needed be in this situation given it's vast natural resources. The fact it is yet another crisis is because of corruption and incompetent leadership that has failed to reform the country to better compete. Argentina simply doesn't generate enough revenue to pay all it's bills. I considered starting a business there but was put of by the excessive bureaucracy and form filling. There lies the problem.

  10. C'mon guys, citing José Luis Espert? He's as right wing as it gets, of course he's going to say public spending is high. High public spending is an actual policy that is at the heart of a welfare state, it is not a "problem".

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