Coronavirus: Spanish tourism re-opens – BBC Travel Show #Spain #travel

As Spain re-opens to tourists, the Travel Show joins a pilot project that’s testing new social distancing measures across the island of Mallorca. The team visits a clean-up effort attempting to rid the French coast of litter dumped during the Covid-19 outbreak and finds out what the future holds for theatres in London, New York and Las Vegas following many months of closure.


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  1. youtube is guilty they should demonitize travel vlogg channels jumping on a plane to a country with the intention to eat a sandwich on film. Then post it on youtube Whilst the working man can't affoard to be quarentined arriving back to there country with 2 week's off work it's insanity.

  2. Died WITH a coronavirus'!!
    What the fuck does that even mean?
    their current , despicable methods, test 'positive' , have no symptoms
    whatsoever, get run over by a train a month later, you 'die with
    coronavirus'! That is LITERALLY what they are doing, and they even
    quite openly admit it!
    hospitals, mass media hysteria, scripted bullshit from talking heads,
    reading processed information off of a screen, massively inflated death
    figures, lies, lies, propaganda, fruit, water, animals, leaves ,all
    testing 'positive' for an alleged virus that has never even been
    isolated! All other illnesses have seemingly disappeared!
    Lies, more lies, hysteria, bullshit!
    to slowly usher in a 'new world order', police state, cashless society,
    toxic DNA altering vaccines, they could change your DNA decades ago!
    They can 'program away' the violence/anti authority in us, look for the
    Bill Gates video, briefing the CIA, over 20 years ago, etc etc!
    If they can't cull the out-of-control population, they will do the next
    best thing, try and impose severe restricitons on the current one!

  3. anyone who goes on holiday and anyone who doesn't wear a mask is a selfish arrogant evil uncaring wicked excuse of a human being. Don't worry that you are young this virus will be with us forever now …. when it mutates you will ripe what you sow. My friends and I will not go anywhere except work which is covid safe and covid recession exempt . Only shops/places that insist on masks ( which isn't much so F Them ) i AM receiving home delivery of medicine and food, You don't look after me and I won't help the economy and you can lose your jobs. Have a happy holiday you mugs and I hope you are later crying to cut it short as you have to quarantine which 90% will ignore anyway. All it would have taken was EVERYONE AT HOME FOR 3 WEEKS… too late now.

  4. its amazing,people are too frightened to get on a bus, but are quite happy to get on a plane for a holiday, one thing i have learned about this virus is just how selfish and self interested people can be.until we put others first this virus will never be beaten!

  5. All stupid. hope we go into another lockdown and you will be crying for help on zoom call when you are stuck there.
    if British Government won't help you fools, then swim back with your lugage on your heads!

  6. What hypocrisy. It was only last year that the locals in Majorca where demonstrating against tourists coming to the island. Now their in tears begging folk to come. Serve them right. They want it all ways. Jog on. Skeggie here we come.

  7. This episode is out of date apparently: Spain is OFF the Safe List –

    Fucking moronic. NO IT'S NOT SAFE! And look at that, a PACKED PLANE. It's wreckless of governments to allow people in and out of the more known high risk places.
    Lucy Hedges here is too upbeat to have sincerity for the subject matter in this episode.

  8. Had plans to travel to Egypt Turkey in April and South America in October, damn you Covid.
    Well, Im traveling local, went to Statue of Liberty, Chinatown and Soho in NYC , bought some green tea, pair of Ray Bans eat at a restaurant and

    trying to help the local economy.
    Yes it's uncomfortable with mask, gloves and hand sanitizer but that's the new norm.

  9. Britain has the 9th highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world, 2rd highest number of COVID-19 cases in Europe (not including Russia) and 1st highest number of COVID-19 deaths in Europe.

    Should Brits really be traveling overseas right now?

  10. There is a risk that the borders could be closed, if the pandemic turns bad . And all these tourists will be caught far from home. And the fact to go on holiday with a mask, seems odd: I prefer stay at home, than this false holiday.

  11. Spain would be on of the last destination I would choose right now … this is not this tourist is putting their life in risk in that no social distance placed airplane and hotel lobby just for couple of days in the sun … it’s not a smart move specially now it’s too soon … Probably the government it’s desperate for the tourist money but I would not put my life in risk like that … thank u but not

  12. It's all about money let's face it, really most travellers must be braindead to risk their and their children's health for a week or two in the sun, why not stay at home for a couple of years. eating your dinner with gloves on, the all inclusive looks strange also. PS people will travel if they have symptoms and also a lot of people are Asymptomatic don't forget.

  13. many take this "new reality" as if just means wearing masks and making more plastic waste…. this time represents being more conscious, more caring and means a direct change towards our consumption habits and relationship with mother earth. There is not a return point #whatayear

  14. Your health could still be at risk well yeah if the plane crashes ,but seriously though holidays were meant to be a fun why would you bother but it's werd that all other causes of death have disappeared the only way you can die is from covid-19 apparently

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