Coronavirus: Germany shuts borders +++ Sanofi vaccine not ready in 2021 | COVID19 Update #Germany #travel

Germany on Sunday stopped most travel between regions in the east and south of the country and the neighboring Czech Republic and Austria in a bid to stop COVID-19 variants from spreading. The measures are set to remain in place for at least 10 days. Germany on Thursday designated Austria’s Tyrol and border regions of the Czech Republic as “virus mutation areas.” The government took the decision after the South African B.1.351 coronavirus variant was found in Austria’s Tyrol region. The British B.1.1.7 variant was found circulating in the Czech Republic. There are concerns that variants are more contagious and that vaccines may not be as effective against them.

A COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by Sanofi and U.S. group Translate Bio “will not be ready this year,” The news could mark another blow for Sanofi, already embattled with a delay for another COVID-19 vaccine candidate it hopes to bring to patients and for which the company has teamed up with Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline.


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  3. mmh i don´t get it shouldn't all jobs be eligible? Since we are still in a shutdown nationwide and only essential businesses are allowed to be open. And if you have a work contract you should be protected from being fired since it is out of your hand. You should be paid regardless. I am no expert by any means but german laborlaws should protect them. Still Söder did wrong by not informing the neighbors about his plan.

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  7. That’s what I used to love about Germany on a Sunday no HGV,s, when will people understand that you need to stop travel to stop the spread of the virus, every country bears the responsibility for letting the virus into their own countries by not closing down travel and imports from China over a year ago, remember everyone this began in China and not in your own country blame the ones who caused this mayhem

  8. COVID-19 is not real. It is the flu and other conditions renamed "covid", using a bogus test. The flu is literally 99% GONE worldwide since the start of "covid". See "FluNet" charts on WHO website. There are no excess deaths. The manufactured pandemic is being used to take total control of society. We are all being targeted. You are almost out of time to figure this out.

  9. Someone ought to point out to these Muppets that new variants mutate within the host.
    Doesn't matter what country that host is in.
    A new variant is equally as likely to pop up in Germany… as much as anywhere else in the whole wide world.
    Closing the borders won't stop a new variant if it actually mutated within your own population!
    Are they dealing with that possibility? Is the traffic out of Gernamy being blocked as well?
    I'm guessing not… please do correct me if I am wrong.

  10. If world leaders had stopped travel from China at the start we would not be in this situation..the elites cared more about upsetting China and the money they make from it than the health of the people they serve, they should all be locked up.

  11. Something interesting that one of the reporters said regarding Czech's having their work contract onhand. On one had people say that no one knew about the restrictions, but on the other they have their work contract in hand? I live in North America, we never walk around with our work contract in-hand to go to our daily jobs. I think people knew. The issue is that these varients need to stop. We have lockdowns here in Canada and we cannot travel, anyone coming into Canada must stay at their own expense at a hotel for 3 days to ensure they are covid negative. The cross border working needs to stop until the virus is under control.

  12. The variants have been in Germany for months already. I know someone who drove from England to Poland after catching covid in England. That's been happening for months amd thousands have done it.

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  14. There is proof for this being an effective measure to contain the infection. It has also been proven to be the most effective response economically. Look at Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan…….

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