Constructing Palm Jumeirah Dubai — Palm Island Dubai — Megastructure – Nakheel

Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest man-made island and is comprised of a two kilometre long trunk, a crown made up of 17 fronds and a surrounding crescent. The first of three such islands that comprise ‘The Palm Trilogy’, Nakheel’s signature development, it will be followed by The Palm Jebel Ali and The Palm Deira.

Following a number of years of feasibility studies, the Palm Jumeirah was launched in 2001, with reclamation starting in the same year. From the end of 2006, the island’s first residences – comprising 4,000 luxury villas and apartments were handed over during a phased period. Since then, the tourism, leisure and retail elements of the island have been developed, creating a spectacular, world-renowned residential and tourism destination.

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  1. Tenk på det Nederland sliter med havet så går dere og bygger utti havet vemm er arkitekten for dette og va holler dere på med hæ har det virkeli rabla for dere sikkert deilig økosystem innimellom deres øyer?

  2. To me it's all just tacky as heck ! Sorry – all just a few feet above sea level too – yeah for sea-level rise – where will they all go ? or will they just go and get more rock & build 100's miles of new sea walls ? I cannot imagine anywhere I would hate more to live !

  3. .ขยาย…เมือง.ใหม..ทำ.ด้าย.ไป.เอา.มา..ให้.พัวก..คาวย.ดู.งาน.เขา.แบบ.ไหนย.ชือ.แต..รถ.ถัง..มา.ทำ.โคด.พ่อ.มึง.ไป.ลบ.กลับ.ไคร..ไอ.สน.ตีน

  4. For the first 40 minutes I was amazed by how people can really build something like this.. like amazing. But at the end of the video I am getting worried by how they want more, of the artificial islands.. It's like they're destroying and taking nature as a playground.. It's like they aren't contented or something.. It can effect the natural structure of nature and create havoc. But well it's just my own opinion I hope, if they will build something like that again I wish they will continually study and research all the possible outcomes of their doings, to not destroy the TRUE nature.

  5. Who is the eighth wonder of the world-renowned constructor of "Palm Jumeirah", this is Otar Zaldastanishvili.
    Otar was born in Tbilisi in 1922, graduated from the Paris Technical University, then continued his studies at the Sorbonne. He was abducted by the works of great Georgian scientists Muskhelishvili and Vekua and based on their theories in 1952 he defended his doctoral thesis in aerodynamics and soil mechanics with renowned aircraft designer Alexander Kartvelishvili.

    Along with his scientific work, in 1949, Otar Zaldastanishvili began work at a construction company in Boston. In 1952 he became a partner of the company, in 1964-89 he was president, and in 1989-1997 he was chairman of the board of directors. Under his leadership, 25 engineers were undertaking various major construction projects. Zaldastanishvili has performed a record number of projects – more than 1,000 in America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. These include: Boston International Airport, Harvard University Stadium and Brown University Moihan Auditorium Reconstruction Projects, Palaces in Washington and other US cities, high-rise buildings in France, Algeria, Iraq, and most recently, Jumeirah General Plan in Saudi Arabia. He was a pioneer in the development of construction techniques that made it possible to use the upper part of the highway. Its name is associated with important constructive innovations.
    As for "Jumeirah", it is called "palm" because 2 islands off the coast of Dubai form a 17-branch palm tree. It is surrounded by crescent-shaped reefs, itself an archipelago of 200 islands. The archipelago has 100 five-star hotels, a thousand villas, a penthouse and 5,000 private apartments. Many celebrities own palm trees. One of the first was Beckham, who paid £ 12m for the apartments. An amazing sight in recent years is the New Year fireworks display on Palm.
    It is unfortunate that much information about these "eighth wonders" of the world often does not identify Otar Zaldastanishvili. It was he who designed the construction that made it possible to attach soil to the Gulf in order to prevent the land from seaward. What is more unfortunate is that such a great person is not known in Georgia. Only one Georgian newspaper responded to his death with a modest obituary. Otar Zaldastanishvili died after a long illness at the age of 83 at the age of 83, and was buried in Muth Oburney Cemetery. The funeral was attended by many world-renowned scientists and public figures.

  6. I appreciate the enormity of the project and the skill, talent and time that it took to pull this together…. and it's fascinating to watch documentaries like this. But I always have a niggling worry in the back of my mind: what are the long-term ramifications of modifying this blue marble we're on so much for what is essentially a vanity project? How much more harm are we doing to this planet over what the benefits MIGHT be for humans alone?

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