Clarkson explains why cycling is actually bad for the environment #Germany #travel

Jeremy has never been renowned for his love of cyclists and in our recent chat with him, he had plenty to say about them. Ferociously expensive cycle lanes, sweaty armpits and even their impact on the environment – it’s fair to say he didn’t hold back.

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  1. I would like a word with this man. To tell him to shove his cars up his as s. My opinion: ban all vehicles in London and replace them with tiny e-scooters! And build glass roofs above the roads, preferably retractable roofs.

  2. Jeremy Clarkson's view on cyclists is factually wrong and bigoted who would have thought. He should be happy about having cycle lanes, it removes cars off the road. Also it is greener, better and cheaper for society than having cars and "I read a reactionary headline on a newspaper" is not evidence of anything. Oil companies are literally un-sequestrating oil out of the ground just so he can drive to work in a car weighting a ton, he is actually bonkers. He is just reaching for the weakest of proof for his position because it's more convenient than doing any research and finding out you're wrong.

  3. So your argument against biking is that cyclists use up a lot of energy and need to eat more avocados as a result, and avocados are flown in from out of country, resulting in more pollution from shipping. So if the cyclists instead ate locally grown produce, that defeats your whole argument. Check. Mate.

  4. Jesus christ. How dumb can you be from one to clarkson? How many trees is cut down for the sake of highways? How much your shiny cars are polluting your air? How much is pointless to have a car if you are 10-15 km away from your work place your supermarket your mom your dad your girl your favourite pub your favourite park? Guys I can go forever about this topic.

  5. Agree 100 per cent with everything he said. I don't agree with a lot of what he says normally but in this scenario he said everything spot on.

  6. I would feel unsafe riding a bike in that traffic. So it is kind of obvious why no one is cycling there. Not having bike lanes is mind boggling to me, complaining about them even more so. Cutting down the trees is a step too far though, agreed on that.

  7. It´s fine Clarkson, you clearly don´t need anymore calories, even if you cycle 🙂 But you are absolutely right, why cut trees when you could have a trafficless road for public transports and emergency services as well as a large cycling lane.

  8. They all obviously never heard of Bicycle Domino. China have that a lot in decades ago. Everyone in China got one bicycle. Everyone stop at a traffic light. One person fall, everybody fall. Like a Domino.

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