City of Cape City destroying their tourism jewel … South Africa

New figures just launched present that S Africa’s tourism business is now in decline. Tourism figures just launched shown a eight.5% decline from Europe and almost twenty% from the Center East. Actually, is that any surprise?


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  2. They're milking the system any corrupt way they can, until the system dies.
    They want to see it all fall.
    They must get a strange excitement from it, because it seems that's what they're best at.

  3. Its the same in Camps Bay Cape Town where the raw sewers empty into the sea alongside the childrens tidal pool . Then 200 yards down towards Sea Point is Camps Bay beach separated from the tidal pool by huge granite boulders . At the end of that beach is a sewerage treatment facility which supposedly treats more sewerage and pumps it out , sometime raw , into the Bay . Now my question is , how can they rate that beach as clean and give it a high rating by international standards if the sewers are feeding raw into the sea on both sides . The city council does not do its work there due to corruption , despite the fact that the residents pay incredibly high rates and taxes in the tens of thousands per year per lot . All that money goes to the corrupt officials and the rest to the townships where they destroy everything worth anything . Great hey!

  4. Shocking..The msm in the Uk seems to be taking notice.Mailonline reported on the murder of a young couple near a town called Benoni on the N12West by 3 killers who also beat up a couple of their employees.
    I hope this media exposure continues.

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