Checking out Buenos Aires, Argentina

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For the third episode of this vacation blog site, Lilian and I had an epic 7 days checking out Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was an astounding metropolis, just a small colder than Brazil! We tried out to pack as substantially as we could into our vacation, observing as substantially as we could and encountering the lifestyle as substantially as achievable. We visited Puerto Madero, the famous El caminito, Casa Rosada, the famous Cafe Tortoni, went to a tango show, we ate alfajores and big juicy steaks, walked across the largest avenue in the environment(Avenida 9 de Julio), but most of all, we had a blast. Get pleasure from!

Cody McGuire – Contacting Her Back again Home
Mark Anthony – Vivir Mi Vida

Filmed with a Iphone six and a GoPro


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  1. your video is cool. Thanks… but the music ….¿¿¿'??? that music does not identify or represent Buenos Aires at all… looks like a Brazilian rhythm.
    Buenos Aires is a melancholy city as the tango. Music from your video does not transmit that feeling. Anyway the images looks good.

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