Checking out a grocery shop in South Africa.(Wow look at these selling prices)

Checking out a grocery shop in South Africa.(Wow look at these selling prices)

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By Jermaine Ellis
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About me.
Variety the Usa, Memphis Tennessee, ORANGE MOUND
I are living in San Francisco
Traveled to fifty Nations around the world
I want to journey to a hundred Nations around the world
Began backpacking all around the environment ten+ many years in the past
And rapidly caught the journey bug.
I don’t have a vehicle or a Apartment
My Prime Favored nations around the world
#1 South Africa
#two Israel
#three England
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  2. Ooo $8 foe all that food, maybe 4 meals? not bad. Don't tell Asians rice is just rice. There must be hundreds of different varieties, sticky or sushi rice, basmati rice, jasmine, crappy American long grain full of arsenic, brown rice, forbidden rice (almost black in color), organic brown basmati rice (brown is way higher in protein) and many more.

  3. Dude. I just came back from South Africa a few weeks ago and South Africa has some of the best Supermarkets. Better than any in New York. Glad you enjoying yourself!!

  4. I discovered Ceres juice when I was in South Africa.. I used to guzzle that stuff when I was there, since it was less than $1 per liter of juice,, and the flavors were so different than most of the juice you find in the US. It's hard to find in California, but when I do find it, it costs 3x or 4x as much as it does in SA.

  5. You remind me of the Artist Jean Michelle Basquait.. Your hair, your flare, your vibe. Very Basquiat. One his paintings sold for $111MIllion dollars. The most expensive painting EVER.. In US History. I believe he's from Haiti, Grew up In New York. I think.

  6. Another good video. You should make more videos like this. Walking around exploring, asking questions about things and exploring supermarkets. However, you should take off your sunglasses when talking because I hate staring at your mouth.

  7. Hi Jermaine, thanks for the upload today, you doing a great job showcasing Africa to the rest of the world. Keep on at it, about food i know you are a vegetarian the best place to buy fresh veggies is either the market or Fruit n Veg shop.

  8. Yes I moved from South Africa Durban to Houston Texas and I want to go back so bad your channel is the closet thing I have. What do you thing of or fries compared to American fries and also have you had steers.

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