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Trip date: 28th Mar 2015 – 4th April 2015 Published on: 10th April 2015 INSTAGRAM: jennifafaho | gnahcinnis Music Lindsay Lowend: Checkpoint Magical Mistakes: Your Face Reflected Melvv: Vibe —————————————-­————————————– Jennifer was on her easter vacation to Germany with her family. -Leverkusen -Cologne -Heidelberg -Berlin -Geissen -Düsseldorf source

A Trip to Germany #Germany #travel

Some footage from my recent trip to Germany. It’s a bit of an odd mix as you don’t always think to get the camera out when you’re having fun! But it gives you the general idea. Catch up on the adventures of SlayTea with this playlist of the videos we’ve been in together: More Karola […]

#9: Trip to Trier, Germany #Germany #travel

I made a trip to Germany this week. I visited the city of Trier to do some shopping and sightseeing. Trier is without doubt one of the nicest cities of Germany. There are no less than 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Trier. So whenever You are in Germany, I highly recommend You to visit […]

1938 FASCIST GERMANY – Trip to Germany & Adolf Hitler Speech in Color 3275 #Germany #travel

In 1938 Theodore Andrica, the Nationalities Editor of the Cleveland Press and author of the “Around the World in Cleveland” column, paid a visit to Nazi Germany. As part of his journey he shot this astonishing film which shows what appears to be the pastoral German state, but was actually a nation on the brink […]