Angelfish and German Blue Ram Fish Place Tour with Master Breeder Dean #Germany #travel

Dean is a master breeder who functions with Angelfish and German Blue rams between a lot of other species of fish.

Angelfish, Super Red (10:10, 10:30, 25:02, 27:fifty six, 32:fifty five)
Apistogramma, Agasizzi “Fire Red” (29:fifty four)
Apistogramma, Borelli (15:00, 30:fifty three))
Apistogramma, Caucatoidies “Orange Flash” (sixteen:00, seventeen:00, 28:38)
Apistogramma Panduro (forty two:50)
Aspidoras, 6 Ray (3:57)
Corydoras, Orange Laser (24:48)
Corydoras, Panda (39:34)
Corydoras, Sterbai (15:40)
Crystal Shrimp, PRL (eleven:forty three)
Discus, Pigeon Blood (1:00, 3:00)
Kribensis, Lobe (37:forty three, forty two:38)
Kribensis, Niente/Yellow Sort (sixteen:30, 24:fifty five)
Pleco, Claro (seventeen:36)
Pleco, L333 (38:23)
Pleco, Mega Clown (3:30)
Pleco, Orinoco Angel (40:00)
Pleco, Super Red Bristlenose (36:57)
Pleco, Zebra (40:40)
Rainbowfish, Dwarf Neon (7:fifty eight, eight:fifty four)
Rainbowfish, Red Laser (5:30, forty three:twelve)
Rams, Electrical Blue (31:forty two, 35:03)
Rams, German Blue (10:fifty four, 24:40, 27:21, 31:forty two, 36:forty four, 41:eighteen)

Tanks are all on racks, with sponge filters, effortless-to read labels, and dimmer-managed Finnex Stingray LED lighting.
Rack #1 has six 20H tanks. In the center are two pairs of Pigeon Blood Discus kept at eighty four levels. On the reduce shelf you have 3 thirty day period aged discus fry and some Mega Clown Plecos (L340) breeding in a custom made slate cave. And next to that is a colony of Aspidoras Pauciradiatus. On the best row there are Melanotaenia sp. (Wapoga Red Laser Rainbowfish) and Melanotaenia Praecox (Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish) that spawn on a regular basis on a yarn mop.
Rack #two is generally smaller sized tanks to expand out fry. These 10g tanks operate Mattenfilters and get 50% h2o modifications 2x a week to deal with the high bio-masses. Neon Rainbowfish fry and tiny infant angels can be kept more than a hundred to a tank, but as they experienced they get separated by measurement down into smaller sized teams. Baby German Blue Rams are absolutely cute, as excellent tiny miniatures of the grownups. Dean also has a developing population of high-grade Crystal Red Shrimp. Sterbai Corydoras, female Apistogramma Caucatoides “Orange Flash”, Pelvicachromis Pulcher (kribensis, Ninte type), and a mating pair of apistos spherical out the center shelf. On the base shelf you see what I like to connect with a “junk drawer” tank, with the odds and ends that genuinely didn’t suit a person exactly where else. Also a substantial group of F1 Apistogramma Borelli. Just after climbing up on a ladder, we can see the 4th level tank, which home the Legitimate Dwarf Bristlenose Claro Plecos.
Upcoming cease in our fish space tour is Rack #3, which is essentially a repurposed baking rack! On the lowest shelf is Dean’s “Fry System”, a 20L adapted to raise eggs and newly hatched fry in tiny trays. Among the Tv evening meal trays, pantyhose, zip ties, rigid airline tubing, and pins you can convey to there’s a lot of ingenuity in this setup. German Blue Rams, Orange Laser Corydoras, Kribensis and Angels all have trays. Some GBR cling in a breeder box on the facet. Angelfish eggs are in a Methylene Blue bathtub to support lessen fungus.
Relocating up you have a shelf whole of Apistos, a breeding tank of Orange Flash, and an before spawn they are beginning to select on. Agassizi Fire Reds and wild-caught Borellis. And on the best are much more dwarf cichlids electric blue and German blue rams, and some extra male apistos.
Along the remaining facet are divided 20H tanks with two pairs super pink angels. Dean is doing work to selectively breed the white out, and concentration on a deep orange and black coloration.
Upcoming are a substantial group of Electrical Blue rams developing out. This tank also has a pre-filter consumption sponge. Dean is a big supporter! In addition to that are much more juvenile German Blues, you can genuinely see how various the two strains are when they are facet by facet like this. Down below are Pelvicachromis Taeniatus “Lobe”, Hypancistrus sp. (L333s), and Corydoras Panda.
Up best is a scarce deal with, and total colony of Hypancistrus Zebra (Zebra Plecos) and rams that have just laid eggs (you can even see her breeding tube is continue to out.) You’ve also acquired Lobe Kribensis and Apisto Panduro.
Dean hatches his personal brine for aspect of his 3x each day feeding program. Also takes advantage of Micro worms and Vinegar eels in addition to dry food items. When continue to at the hatching/testing station you will also get to listen to his acclimation and h2o testing philosophies.
Eventually we appear to a bucket with sufficient valves and hoses to make your head spin. This is all aspect of Dean’s ground breaking h2o altering process. Two various diameter hoses present possibilities dependent on how fast you want to drain tanks, and the rigid wand at the stop will help suck up gunk. As h2o drains into the bucket a substantial pump runs it through a PVC tube up the wall, together the ceiling, and into the adjacent space exactly where it ties in to a washing equipment drain.
I hope you liked this Fish Place Tour. We will have much more coming up in 2016. Really do not neglect to like and subscribe!

Much too active to look at the total video, or maybe fascinated in just just one unique species of fish? This rapid index will convey to you what fish had the spotlight when.


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