#Egypt #vacation Top 10 HORRIFYING Points About Historical EGYPT

Historical Egypt is 1 of the most interesting locations in the historic record. Their obsession with daily life following loss of life, their grand pyramids and golden treasures, and the multitudes of proof they remaining at the rear of of their wonderful functions have captured the imaginations of people for 1000’s of yrs. Nevertheless, beneath […]

#Egypt #vacation Ancient CIVILIZATIONS : Cleopatra and Pharaoahs in Ancient Egypt

A appear at Ancient Civilizations of Cleopatra and Phaoraohs in Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra herself serves as our virtual tour guidebook via Egypt for the duration of her reign as Queen. From the unique nevertheless cosmopolitan Alexandria, to the Sanctuary of Dendera to the magical isle of Philae, we investigate her empire by land and sea. […]

#Egypt #travel Egypt Short Excursions – All Excursions Egypt

Love Egypt Short Excursions with All Excursions and check out the most attraction locations in Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria and Bahariya Oasis as nicely, All Excursions Egypt have lots of Egypt Short tours and other Egypt tour offers. check out and you will see what you need to have. source

#Egypt #vacation New Historic Egyptian Pyramid Identified in Egypt 2017 Pyramids of Egypt Proof of Lost Superior Technological innovation

four/3/2017 New Pyramid Identified in Egypt! The stays of a pyramid constructed some “3,seven-hundred” decades in the past have been found out in Egypt, the antiquities ministry claims. An inside corridor and a block engraved with 10 hieroglyphic strains had been amid the finds at the Dahshur royal necropolis, south of Cairo. The ministry stated […]

#Egypt #journey Edgar Cayce on Ancient Egypt Ra Ta in ten,000 BC [Comprehensive Online video]

In accordance to the Edgar Cayce readings, Edgar Cayce himself experienced an incarnation in an historical Egyptian Time period of close to ten,five hundred BC. At that time he was the superior priest Ra Ta, who was instrumental in the lay out, style and reason of the Great Pyramid. He also established the tenets for […]