#Egypt #journey Egypt luxor tour guide

Ragab El motgalye, personal tour guide Languanges: Fluent English, Intermediate Chinese & Japanese Born and raised in Luxor, I created a passion for Egypt’s wealthy cultural heritage from a younger age, when I would visit the Luxor temples and think about the wonderful lives of these right before us. Just after completing my diploma in […]

#Egypt #vacation Wi-fi interaction made use of by tour guides in Egypt

Egypt is a very well-known vacationer spot. When crowds of tourists are crammed into massive and little halls with reflective partitions the sound amount goes way up. It is unachievable for a tour guideline to be heard by far more than three or four individuals in his group. Lots of tour teams require as numerous […]

#Egypt #journey Raw: Soccer celebrity Messi visits Egypt to encourage Hepatitis C procedure

Barcelona and Argentina football star Lionel Messi attended an occasion to encourage Hepatitis C procedure in Egypt on Tuesday as part of the country’s health care tourism marketing campaign.  Messi arrived in Cairo earlier to encourage the Tour n’ Treatment worldwide tourism marketing campaign introduced below the slogan “For a Entire world Free of charge of Virus C.” […]