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Alexandria Library Tour : Alexandria Tours : United states of america Boston College Group For Information and Itinerary Click at : For Information and Itinerary Click at : The Royal Library of Alexandria, or Historic Library of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt, was a single of the premier and most sizeable libraries of the historic entire […]

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twenty five jan 2012, the Egyptian tour guides close to the Egyptian museum, it is particularly right after a single yr of the revolution which occured in Egypt in twenty five jan 2المرشدون السياحيون المصريون يقفوناعند مداخل المتحف المصرى يوم الاربعاء twenty five يناير 2012 و قد قرروا الوقوف المدة ثلاثة ايام تحسبا لاى طارئ […]

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For extra info about our Egypt tours, stop by On the Go Excursions: Cruise the Nile, find ancient temples or swim in the planet well known Crimson Sea. A single of the highlights of our adventure vacation team tours in Egypt contain cruising on the mighty Nile River on a felucca. Feluccas are straightforward, regular […]