#Egypt #travel Egyptian Museum Tour

How many of you visited Egyptian museum in Cairo ? We will take you there for half an hour ! if you wanna more come here and spend all your day Enjoy knowing About Ancient Egyptian History .Sure you always Welcome here. Are you ready ?! Let’s Go ! If you liked the video don’t […]

#Egypt #travel Egypt Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Egypt. Egypt is a land of monumental temples, gigantic pyramids, the River Nile and the mysterious Sphinx: 5000 years of history.Founded by Alexander The Great in 332 B.C., the city of Alexandria is located in the Nile Delta and it was here that Caesar and Mark Anthony fell under Cleopatra’s spell. […]

#Egypt #travel Egypt Tour & Nile River Cruise

Egypt Cruise – Adventure Lifer, Lynessa, spends two weeks in Egypt exploring Cairo, Luxor to Aswan, snorkeling and scuba diving in the Red Sea, and a luxury Nile River cruise onboard the yacht, Nile Explorer. It was a birthday trip — next year’s celebration will be hard to top. source

#Egypt #travel Egypt Tourist Attractions Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt Egypt Destinations

Egypt Tourist Attractions. Here are list of top 10 best attractions of Egypt contains: 01. Mosque of Ibn Tulun, 02. Dahab, 03. Pyramids of Giza, 04. Abu Simbel, 05. Siwa Oasis, 06. River Nile Cruise, 07. Karnak, 08. St. Catherine’s Monastery, 09. Luxor Temple, 10. Valley of the Kings ==================================================================== Subscribe = Facebook = Google […]

#Egypt #travel 13 Best Attractions in Egypt according to Lonely Planet

13 Best Attractions in Egypt according to Lonely Planet 13. Souqs A souq was originally an open-air marketplace. Historically, souqs were held outside cities at locations where incoming caravans would stop and merchants would display their goods for sale. Souqs took place whenever a caravan or caravans had arrived. 12. Aswan Sunset Aswan is the […]