#Egypt #travel Inside The First Ever Pyramid of Egypt | The Nile: Egypts Greatest River | Channel 5

Travel with us along the Nile to see The Great Pyramid of Giza which, is the only remaining of the Seven Ancient Wonders. Bettany Hughes gazes inside the first-ever pyramid as well as seeing the mummy of Tutankhamun’s Grandmother! Watch on to see Bettany set sight on the Egyptian Pharaoh Tombs! #bettanyhughes #channel5 #thenile Subscribe […]

#Egypt #travel The British Museum: Ancient Egypt

A fairly comprehensive look at ancient Egyptian art at The British Museum. The Museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian objects outside Egypt telling the story of life and death in the ancient Nile Valley. Find out about the Rosetta Stone, a 5,000-year-old sand-dried mummy, wall paintings from Nebamun’s tomb and sculptures of the pharaoh […]

#Egypt #travel Egypt – Mummies

Egypt reopened a display of 3,500 year-old royal mummies on Tuesday (1/3) hoping the remains of its pharaonic ancestors would help attract tourists scared away by Moslem militant attacks. SHOWS: CAIRO, 1/3 gv cairo museum security police outside museum visitors entering main gate tilt down to front doorway visitors entering museum sign for egyptian museum […]

#Egypt #travel The Ancient Canals and Port of the Giza Pyramids of Egypt | Ancient Architects

My last video that looked at another possible entrance into the underground passages of the Great Pyramid, from the outside via a canal, got a fantastic response, so I just wanted to take a brief look at the ancient canals of Giza. Egyptologists don’t doubt their existence, in fact, Mark Lehner even found evidence of […]