#Egypt #travel Intrepid Trip Through Egypt 2009

We travelled through the middle east in 2009. Our trip through Egypt started with 3 days to ourselves before joining an 8 day Intrepid tour from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor.


#Egypt #travel John Anthony on Ancient Egypt, Influence of Egypt, Egyptian Construction Methods & Illumination

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John Anthony West on Ancient Egypt, Influence of Egypt, Egyptian Construction Methods & Illumination – JRE #852

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#Egypt #travel Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour Is Awesome

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson, Joe Juba, Elise Favis, and Suriel Vazquez talk about exploring ancient Egypt with the awesome and educational Assassin’s Creed Origins Discovery Tour from Ubisoft. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast here –


#Egypt #travel Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed® Ancient Egypt – Tour 1 – Alexandria, Planning Of The City

Assassins Creed Origins have recently released an additional mode to the game entitled ‘Discovery Tour by Assassins Creed Ancient Egypt’.
This recent update focuses more on the educational aspect of learning rather than the action packed game of Assassins Creed.
It is a fun and interactive way of learning more about the history of Ancient Egypt.
I personally believe that this could be an innovative way of teaching people history for the future.

Although this small project has no connection with urban exploration it could well be classed as ‘Discovering The Past’. I will therefore record the Discovery Tours using my PlayStation 4 and upload them directly to the channel. We hope that this will enable you all to learn more about Egyptology through the technology of video games.

Tour 1 – Alexandria, Planning Of The City

As we begin our first tour of the Discovery Tour we will start our journey in Alexandria as we focus on the history of planning of the city.

We hope you all enjoy our experience


#Egypt #travel Visiting Egypt top 10 tips

Visiting Egypt top 10 tips


#Egypt #travel Yanni The Dream Concert Live from the Great Pyramids of Egypt 2016

Yanni – The Dream Concert [Live from the Great Pyramids of Egypt] (2016)


#Egypt #travel Alexandria Egypt Shore Excursions – Tourism in Egypt

Alexandria Egypt Shore Excursions – Tourism in Egypt


#Egypt #travel Assassin’s Creed: Origins | Discovery Mode Tour | Part 3 “The Siege of Alexandria”

Assassin’s Creed: Origins | Discovery Mode Tour | Part 3 “The Siege of Alexandria”

Welcome to the brand new mode in AC Origins called The Discovery Mode where we learn more about Ancient Egypt! Hope you all enjoy and remember to comment and let me know that you want to see more!

What is the Discovery Tour?

The Discovery Tour is a dedicated mode of the game that lets players free-roam the world of Egypt to learn more about its history and daily life thanks to guided tours curated by historians and Egyptologists. Its focus is entirely on exploration, in a world free of conflict, time pressure, or gameplay constraints. This way everyone can discover Ancient Egypt at their own pace.

What inspired you to create this unique experience?

It was a dream of ours for quite a long time, and we’re super lucky that our top management was totally on board. We want to share all the hard work and dedication our teams have put into meticulously recreating Egypt with everyone!

How many guided tours are there?

The Discovery Tour features 75 guided tours curated by experts tied to five themes:

Egypt: the land of Egypt, geography, and wildlife.
Pyramids: the most iconic landmarks of Egypt.
Alexandria: explaining the Greek influence that started with Alexander the Great.
Daily Life: information about the people and not only the monuments.
Romans: few tours about the growing influence of Rome at the time of the game.
How long does it take to complete a guided tour?

The time to complete a tour ranges from 5 to 25 minutes.

How many characters will we be able to play as?

Players will be able to explore Egypt with several different avatars ranging from the main characters of Assassin’s Creed Origins, Bayek and Aya, to important historical figures who also appear, such as Cleopatra and Caesar. There’s a total of 25 avatars.

Is the Discovery Tour only available to owners of Assassin’s Creed Origins, or can I buy it as stand-alone?

The Discovery Tour will be added as a free title update for all Assassin’s Creed Origins owners. For those who don’t own Assassin’s Creed Origins and are interested in exploring Ancient Egypt, the Discovery Tour will be made available exclusively on Uplay PC and Steam as a standalone version for US$19.99/19.99€.

Is it possible to use Photo Mode in the Discovery Tour?

Absolutely, all of your favorite photo mode features from the main game are available in the Discovery Tour.

Please note that photos taken in the Discovery Tour won’t appear on the Photo Mode website. However, they will show up on the world map while in the Discovery Tour mode.

Will photos taken in the Discovery Tour be visible in the main game?

Photos taken in the Discovery Tour will be visible to all players within the Discovery Tour. Photos taken in the main game won’t be visible in the Discovery Tour and vice versa.

Can you use some of the features from the main game in the Discovery Tour?

Yes, in addition to the guided tours, you are able to freely explore the world of Ancient Egypt using most of the features from the main game.

You can ride a horse or camel, sail a felucca, climb a pyramid, parkour in cities, light a torch to enter a tomb, swim in the Nile, fly your eagle Senu, and more! You can also fast travel to various locations using the Discovery Tour map. The photo mode is will be available if you want to take pictures too!

Is there any progression system or rewards in the Discovery Tour? E.g., rewards that would carry over to the main game?

Players will be able to see their progression in the guided tours but there are no in-game rewards tied to them. However, there will be trophies/achievements to please our achievement hunters.

What are the PC requirements for the standalone version?

The system requirements for the standalone version are exactly the same as for the main game. You’ll find them on our official forums.

How do you access the Discovery Tour on consoles and PC?

We added a dedicated entry to the main menu of the game. To access the Discovery Tour in-game, you’ll have to return to the title screen through the pause menu.

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#Egypt #travel Travel Cairo, Egypt – Mohammed Ali Mosque in Cairo

Take a tour of Mohammed Ali Mosque in Cairo, Egypt — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

The magnificent structure contrasting between the whites, yellow, and cream is the Mohammed Ali Mosque in Cairo, Egypt.

Built in remembrance of Tusun Pasha, this structure embodies Ottoman architecture to its core. (Too-sun Pah-sha)

Built with limestone, alabaster tiles, high domes, ingeniously built facades, interesting angles and exquisite marble are some of the features that make this monument simply enchanting.

The courtyard features a clock tower along with ablution fountains carved in Turkish Baroque style.

The semicircular arches are poised on columns made out of marble and feature beautiful motifs and sculpturing.

The statuesque towers, domes, and minarets of this mosque makes it a jewel of the Cairo skyline, visible from almost anywhere in the city.


#Egypt #travel Best tour guide in Egypt

Happy group with best tour guide in Egypt day tour in the pyramids


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