Iguazu Falls (Wasserfälle) Brazil, Doku Sehenswürdigkeiten High definition eleven/19

Iguazu Falls (Wasserfälle) Brazil, Doku mit Sehenswürdigkeiten in High definition. Brasilien, Südamerika Reisefilm eleven/19 – seven. Weltnaturwunder, Teufelsschlund, Regenboden. Doku in Deutsche Sprache. Travel Tutorial – tourism movie. Eine Reise nach Chile, Argentinien, Uruguay und Brasilien. Teil eleven Iguazú – brasilianische Seite. Die Reise führten wir mit Machu Picchu Travel (MPT-Travel) Südamerika Reisen GmbH durch. […]

Cataracts of Iguassu nineteen twenties

A pay a visit to to the famous waterfalls in Iguassu, Brazil by Burton Holmes. Igauzu Falls is one of the most frequented places in all of South The united states. With 275 falls gushing from a 80 km higher and 3km broad cliff, it is one of the most amazing and dramatic collection of […]


Pics of the Iguazu – Iguaçu – waterfalls. Brazil – Argentina border. The music is Smile, performed by Olodum. Also spelled IGUASSÚ, OR IGUAZÚ, Spanish CATARATAS DEL IGUAZÚ, Portuguese CATARATAS DO IGUAÇU, cataract on the Iguaçu River, 14 miles (23 km) above its confluence with the Paraná, at the Argentina-Brazil border. The horseshoe-formed falls are […]

Helicopter tour of Iguaçu Falls, Brazil

Online video of the helicopter tour that we took while in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil in early December 2011. Includes takeoff and landing from inside and exterior of the helicopter. (Skip to 1:fifteen to just see the waterfalls.) The helicopter flown was registration PT-HSN, a Bell 206B JetRanger III. The heli-tour business was Helisul, located […]