Carex Dermacare Moisure | Sensitive Antibacterial | Aloe Vera Hand Wash 250 ml Each Pack of 6 £5.88 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) Delivered @ Amazon #traveldeals

£5.88 – Amazon
Decent for the handwash, if you wanted some and had prime for free delivery, cheaper still possible with S&S

Also same price for the Aloe Vera & Sensitive Anti-Bac Variety


  • Carex Dermacare Sensitive Antibacterial Hand Wash: With natural moisturisers to help leave hands feeling soft and smooth, the Dermacare liquid hand soap enhances the skin’s natural pH and gently cleanses while removing dirt and germs
  • Moisturising Action: Carex experts have developed a formula made with light moisturising ingredients and gentle cleansers to help leave your hands feeling hygienically clean and protected
  • Protects Against Germs: With a soft fragrance and suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, Carex Sensitive Antibacterial hand soap is effective yet gentle in helping to prevent the spread of germs when washing hands
  • Packaging May Vary: Due to huge demand and a pump shortage at the moment, Carex hand wash may arrive as a refill format without a pump. We’d like to encourage you to save your previous hand wash pump and reuse this with your refill pack
  • The Dermacare Range: The Carex Dermacare liquid hand wash range is designed to clean, care and protect hands whatever the occasion. Whether you’re cooking for your family or you’ve returned from a hike, Carex know you’ll want to protect your hands

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