Cappadocia Turkey Ep. 32 | Motorcycle Tour Germany to Pakistan & India on BMW G310GS #Germany #travel

Music Artlist:

This is the 32nd Episode of my Bike ride to Pakistan and India from Germany on BMW G310GS. In this episode, I explored the incredible Cappadocia and the surrounding areas.

Songs I used in this Vlog:
Homesick by Joel Ansett
Hurts me not to know you more Instrumental Version by Joel Ansett
New land by Ian Post
Shallow water remix by Omri Smadar
Storytelling by Roman p
Suspicion by the bows
Winoa by Garrett Bevins

#Cappadocia #Turkey #motovlog #BMWG310GS #BMWMotorrad

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My Riding Gear:
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Power Bank:
Anker 20,000mA:
RavPower 20,000mA:

Tripods and Mounts:
Manfrotto Befree:
Joby Gorilla Tripod:
GoPro Jaw-Klemm:
Insta Selfie-Stick:
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PolarPro GoPro Hero 7 Black:
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  1. محنتی ابرارے کمال یار الله پاک آپ کو اپنی حفط و امان میں رکھے امین جیو فخر محسوس جناب ابرارے قسم سے کوئی سوچ بھی نہیں سکتا ہمارے ملک کے ابرارے اپنی رنگیلی کے ساتھ بہت سے ملک پار کر کہ اتنا لمبی ڈرائیونگ کمال یارہ اللہ پاک بد نذر سے بچائے

  2. Bro, Please make a video on how you will choose the places for wild camping in Europe or any part of the countries you visited. Are they free to stay for 1 night. Any problems you faced in wild camping. Are they free or chargeable in the mountains etc. This would be much useful for backpackers to visit Europe in low cost and to avoid hotel charges etc. Please..

  3. I find it very irresponsible that you are tearing around the world on a motorbike at this time of the pandemic. have you ever thought about other people? Why are you so selfish? Stupid.

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