Cape City Travel & Tours Photograph Album South Africa Part 1

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Djuma Personal Activity Reserve Reside Stream

This camera watches above Gowrie dam on Djuma Activity Reserve, in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, South Africa. In simple fact this is the oldest waterhole cam in Africa and the entire world. It’s been broadcasting Reside from this location considering the fact that 1998. With some luck you will see huge cats coming for a […]


  1. @CrociatoAzzurro Have you been to SA ? Whilst SA has problems,5 million illegal immigrants being its no.1, sort that out & much of the crime will be sorted out. I have grown up in Johannesburg & lived there until a year ago, in all that time the only crime against my family & i was that i had a bycycle stolen when i was 13 & a car stolen at a mall in 1987. So, the South Africa you describe is not the South Africa i know.More tourists have been killed in Oz in the last 6 years than SA

  2. @azanianlion

    I know that. And how's it going for them ? I hear white farmers aren't having a nice time as of late. Soemthing about raping, being hacked to death, having their farms siezed.

  3. Well they do want your money afterall. Plus an airhead like yourself make the best victims.

    Yeah, you go and enjoy yourself in a land of non-whites. Maybe you can pretend you are back in the muslim quarter of Malmo.

  4. I don't feel ashamed because i'm white or european, i'm very proud to be a part of our international community. I'm ashamed because you are.

    AS for them not wanting me there… well maybe. But they did give me a visa. If they don't like me, they canf eel free to throw me out. I'm going to enjoy myself as as long as i can.

  5. Believe me, Swede. Blacks in South Africa just don't want you there !

    "I feel ashamed as a European"

    Ahh yes, "white guilt" creeping up yet again. Jew Media like to remind you of that every so often. Well, don't be.

  6. Lol wow that's… so ridiculous, i feel ashamed as a european. I've met many wonderfull people from Cape Town here in Sweden, and now i'm going there for half a year of student exchange, after my friends came back and told me how intersting it is.

    Of course it's different, but in my opinion your comment is totaly uncalled for.

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