Canada – Geography, History and Attractions

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  1. Please could you just take off the music, please. I would love to watch it with just you narrating. The music is annoying, but thank you for sharing this its beautiful. But I need to go.

  2. Canadians welcome workers only because Canadians don't want to work!!!!
    Canada Too expensive country if you have a car $150 for a one-time to refill.
    Watch it here is cheaper and safer.

  3. Canada has a few attractions, but it's a socialist popsicle, reminiscent of 1980s USSR. It's broke, taxes are insane, it's run by a corrupt, brainless buffoon. It has let immigration get so out of control that cities like Vancouver and Toronto aren't even Canadian anymore. Most of the clips in this video make it look like Canada is all green and summery but in reality it's winter 8 months of the year. Like the Soviet Union before it, Canada on the verge of collapse. That's what happens when you let idiots run a country.

  4. Y yo que se de documentación que todos los resuelvo pero eso no tiene ni pie ni cabezas los que pasó hay para pone un candado definitivo ya entiende los que digo) tu no sabé las verdad de eso

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