Can South Africa Create Yachts? | Cape City Boat Clearly show Tour

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Hey every person. Welcome to the Cape City International Boat Clearly show. I wished to exhibit all you mariners and interested boat fans what South African yachts appear like, what is advertising and what our boat exhibit seems like.

Can South Africa make yachts? Looks we absolutely have a place in the market. What do you imagine? Hope you relished the Cape City Boat Clearly show Tour and the perception into the yachts.

See you before long for some far more crew life films up next week.



  1. Great channel! Editing skills on point. Thanks for your vids, I’ve been looking for solid extra info on jobs on yachts and this channel has it all. I’m currently finishing my degree in South Africa and I’m thinking of doing it for a year or so after university. Although hard work, it’s a good chance to earn decent money and see a bit of the world beyond South Africa!

  2. You need a lav (Lavalier) mic for you and your guests. Preferably with wireless transmitters. If they don't want to be mic'd or it's an impromptu interview, a hand-held mic and a good shotgun mic will also help. I say this because at times there was lots of background noise. Try and record each channel separately to maximize your options in post. Content was good as always!

  3. The villa and this video were not your best, you are a very likeable person and are watchable, whilst the villa and boat show were very well filmed and edited, it felt like they were a showreel for your abilities and touting for business, nothing wrong about that, I did give me ideas of ways to improve my villa in Menorca, but I would rather watch you teaching us about boats or climbing a mountains, I will watch every one you post though as your growing, the yoga one was very funny

  4. To be 1000% honest, I did not like the interview portion as much as when you were just talking about the boats and showing us around. You were more personable.

    What is the link to donate to you, or do you have too much money already?

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