Bursa City of Ottomans Ep. 27 | Osman Gazi | Motorcycle Tour From Germany to Pakistan and India #Germany #travel

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This is the 27th Episode of my Bike ride to Pakistan and India from Germany on BMW G310GS. In this episode, I will explore the magnificent city of Bursa especially the Tombs of Orhan Gazi & Osman Ghazi also the Grand Mosque of Bursa (Ulu Camii).

Songs I used in this Vlog:
hang-drum-traveler by max-h Artlist
just-over-that-hill—alternative-version by john-coggins Artlist
bossa-in-my-heart by serge-quadrado Artlist
abdos-song-ft-abdo-beko by endure Artlist

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  4. In Turkish its called Osman not otman. Otman or Ottoman is English for Osman. Make a Vlog on Konya city and Seljuk Sultan Alauddin keykubat grave and the Seljuk Çift minareli madrasa in Erzurum.

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  6. Abrar Bhai kindly make a vlog on
    1) Expenses in your trip (Germany to Pak )
    2) Was the trip worth it ?
    3)How many different currencies are you carrying?
    4)What travel scams have you experienced ?
    5)What was the best place you stayed in?

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  8. Yaar Bursa k baaray mein detail sey likho k yahaan permanent rehna kesa hai? Mein yahaan property lay kar move honay ka soch raha hoon chunkay ye thora conservative or islamic hai.

  9. My brother please remove the name India from your title,they compulsive hate us to the core, no Indian put Pakistan in their title or have anything good to say about us.so please brother I understand you feel mpyou get more views and subscribers, but have dignity

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