BURJ AL ARAB !!!seven STAR Hotel IN THE Planet ( I WENT THERE)

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My Excursion to Dubai!!

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Burj Al Arab Resort, Jumeirah welcomes Chinese New Calendar year 2013 Video clip

To launch its Chinese New Calendar year celebrations, Burj Al Arab projected a large pink calligraphic serpent artwork on its exterior to welcome the Calendar year of the Snake. On the evening of 10 February, the resort hosted Chinese dignitaries and their households to witness the standard lighting of the lion’s eyes to initiate a […]


  1. oh it's already seven stars! wow! so good for you you've get in that amazing hotel! someday I hope I can step on that hotel too! I haven't heard any hotel with seven stars only this one yet, thanks for the tour inside so elegant and totally awesome

  2. Nice place bud, not really sure why you've got so much hate on this video but wish you more content here at your channel. Thanks for sharing this man. I plan to visit Dubai soon. 🙂

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