Burj Al Arab Modeled in Revit Tutorial

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In this video I demonstrate you how to design the Tower of the Arabs (Burj Al Arab). I start of by loading pictures and modeling the structural core and the steel bows as a In-put spouse and children. The rest is modeled as a sweep in the massing ecosystem.

Revit Shortcuts:

GR – Grid
RE – Scale
CL – Structural Column
MM – Mirror (pick axis)
UN – Job Units
WA – Wall
CS – Develop Very similar
RP – Reference Airplane
Al – Align
TR – Trim/Extend
AR – Array
CO – Duplicate

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  1. balkan u are a pride 4 the entire east Europe i have learned all my skills from Russians Romanian Ukrainian etc…. i am African u ppl helped me in my knowledge and carer….u are not only good with CAD but also on mentoring and u do it free ,u have amazing language skills and u don't TALK to much like others (u r videos are 8 to 10 min but nutritious) I called them the BALKAN INSTANT MESSAGE (BIM) ….really respect and wish u all the best …

  2. Excellent video, specially when you saw it live. Can we have a video on how to make a double skin facade (inside glass and outside shell in metal with some void designs)

  3. Thanks for the video, i will be like fall into repetition but it would be really better if you can add some visualization via Lumion in the end of video or as a seperate part. And please make tutorial for families and massing also

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