Burj Al Arab (Interior) Part 1

This video Showcases the Interior design & architecture of the Burj Al Arab. It is Most Definitely the One & Only of its Kind. Each and Every Detail whether Grand or Minor is extremely intricate and thought out. The End results creates One of the Most Iconic, Luxurious & Tallest Hotel in the World. All the interior Glamour of the Glistening Gold contrasts with the Soothing Colors of Nature of Greens, Blues, and Whites creates a Sophisticated yet Calming Theme. The Dancing fountains on the ground floor welcomes guests entering this Modern & Stunning Artistic Architecture. From the video you’ll also be introduced to how the suites layout on each floor. The Butler Desk with two red chairs is arranged right in the front of each floor after you exit the elevator before heading to your suite. The Spa is also extremely Majestic with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, rest area all decorated in a Noble Setting. All in all, every area you tour through this Magnificent Architecture brings you such an Extravagant and Luxurious Feeling.



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