Burj Al Arab Extreme Helipad Landing, Takeoff Propstrike + Attempts in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Welcome, Microsoft/Xbox provided a copy of ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ to me for review.
This is the release version, on launch on August 18th, 2020.
Pc specs are I9 9900K 64 GB RAM RTX 2080. Settings High at 4K, recorded at 1080 with Windows Game Bar.
In this video I show you a successful short landing on Burj al Arab Hotel’s helipad in Dubai.
Bid it several so many times in DCS: World, but with helicopters! 🙂 Just had to try it with a STOL plane in FS2020 🙂
The takeoff with few wind (8 kt from the sea) was even more challenging; did a propstrike that solved with an emergency landing in the beach. Made several attempts, I left some at the end. Glad only had one crash!


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  1. It’s pretty easy to land there it’s a very big surface especially in that plane. But I love how inaccurate Dubai scenery is. See they have no shits about making Dubai accurate at all!

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