Burj Al Arab – Dubai Tour

Burj Al Arab – Dubai Tour
In today’s video, we’re discussing everything you need to know about the world’s first 7-star hotel – the Burj Al Arab in located in Dubai. Ranging from a tour of the royal suite, to the hotel’s construction and even more!

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Have you ever been on vacation? And decided lodge in a 5-star hotel, like the Four Seasons hotel and Ceasars Palace. The luxury and comfort that comes with staying in such fancy hotels are matched, now imagine if you stayed in a 7- star hotel like the Burj Al Arab. This incredible hotel is so amazing that it is not only Considered a five-star hotel but has gone on to earn two more stars, making it the world’s very first 7-star hotel.

Video Index:
– Inside the world’s first seven-star hotel
0:44 -History, Construction, and Design
1:42- How it got its 7-star rating
2:16- Being a guest in the Burj Al Arab
4:34- Inside the normal suites
4:59- Inside the royal suite
6:54- Restaurants and Bars
9:05- Recognition

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