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Enjoy a stroll around the colorful island of Burano, Italy located in the Venetian Lagoon. Burano is about 7 km(4 miles) from Venice and is famous for its lace work and brightly colored homes. This walk starts and ends at the Vaporetto (water taxi) stop on the island. For the best experience, be sure to wear headphones and turn on closed captions.

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►Map of the Walk◄

▼▼Video Timeline Links▼▼
0:00 Intro and Map
0:54 Walk Begins
3:10 Colorful Houses of Burano
4:28 Bridge View 1
7:41 Tre Ponti Bridge
9:15 Bridge View 2
20:51 Piazza GALUPPI
21:42 Via Baldassarre Galuppi
24:16 Bridge View 3
37:30 San Martino Church

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