Buenos Aires + Why traveling by itself is A Excellent Strategy

This vlog captures some of my journey to Buenos Aires and my very first hrs in the town. I will also notify you my best 5 motives why travelling by itself can be incredible.
I hope you take pleasure in it! Let me know what you believe (even if it really is poor) 🙂

“Very little Image (Instrumental)” by Alialujah Choir (



  1. Hello Helena, I'm from Buenos Aires and I liked your Vlog. Do you have an Instagram account so we can chat? Bye! Cool YouTube channel. Greetings from South America!

  2. Excellent, Helena. As an Argentinian living in Australia for more than 40 years I can say that your "travel adventures" in Argentina really taught me a lot of interesting things that I could not have ever imagined. Your "ups and downs" were superb. Good luck on your future travels. Thanks for showing me the Argentina I did not know….Be safe and happy.César

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