Buenos Aires: The Best Of…

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  1. We just got back from BA and saw very few "street people" but we stayed primarily in the Palermo and Recoleta districts. Beautiful city, nice people…I had no problems. BUT don't be silly, you're in a big city, there will always be people who will try to scam you.

  2. Buen video, como extrano la arquitectura de Buenos Aires! trabaje mucho tiempo por av. Mayo, nada mejor que tomar un cafe tranquilo por recoleta, av. Mayo, o Palermo 🙂

  3. I've been in Bs.As. many times and I know the city very, very well. But have you ever been in Poland?
    Of course, I know that German people don't like Polish. Therefore from WWII there are small positive changes.

  4. I always assume someone who approaches me ultimately wants something.

    Anywhere you go in the world will have people of all kinds, all of whom make a living how ever they can.

    Buenos Aires is like any big city. Keep your street smarts, have a sense of adventure and you'll have a blast!

  5. You might encounter "fundraisers" claiming to raise money for charities. The ones I ran across, mainly in large parks like Plaza De San Martin, were friendly and engage in casual conversation before asking for money.

    There are a lot of street performers, street vendors and panhandlers anywhere frequented by large crowds, such as Calle Florida. To me they add to the ambiance.

    Always be aware of your surroundings, keep an eye on your belonings. Watch for pickpockets.


  6. Like any big city, there are a lot of "street people." I didn't notice as much aggressive panhandling as you'd have on Market Street, but it does exist.

    BsAs has a lot of "Mobile Vendors", who will approach people in the streets, on the trains. Often time children will will approach you while you're dining. selling cheap items like stickers and toothbrushes.

    There is another culture of trash pickers who go through refuse looking for cardboard, plastic and metals for recycling.


  7. Are there lots of street people in BA? There are so many here in San Francisco, CA. They are very agressive and you can't help everyone. I'm hoping I'll get a break from that when I get to BA on the fourth of July for a two month visit.

  8. Podria ser mas linda nuestra ciudad si estuviera mejor gobernada, habria q rajar d una patada en el traste al jefe d gobierno porteño q no haca nada bien en nuestra ciudad. lo unico q hace es aumentar los impuestos el imbecil d Mauricio macri. grrrr

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