Buenos Aires (Argentina) Journey – Major Local Phrases

Learn how to say Sorry and other typical phrases in Argentina.

In Argentina, the formal language is Spanish, identified listed here as Castellano. The accent and some of the vocabulary’s diverse than in other parts of Latin The united states. Listed here are ten brief and uncomplicated phrases you want to know in Buenos Aires.

#ten, the basic principles. The phrase for yes is si, si. The phrase for no is no, no.
#nine, when looking for enable, you want to say puede ayudarme, puede ayudarme.
#8, bathroom, bano, bano.
#7, to check with somebody if they talk English, say Habla Ingles, Habla Ingles, which signifies, do you talk English?
#6, for addressing anyone, you would say Senor, Senor, which signifies Mister. Or Senorita, Senorita, which signifies Miss.
#5, when inquiring the rate of something, say cuanto cuesta, cuanto cuesta, which signifies, how considerably does this cost?
#4 are the greetings. For very good afternoon, it is Buenas Tardes, Buenas Tardes. And for very good evening, it is Buenas Noches, Buenas Noches.
#three, to say make sure you, say por favor, por favor. And to say I am sorry, say lo siento, lo siento.
#two, to say thank you, say gracias, gracias. To say you are welcome, say de nada, de nada.
#1, to greet anyone, say hola, hola.

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  1. there's a mistake.. castellano is speaking in all spanish latin america and spain too.. the argentinian accent is just a dialect of castilian.. that's because the spanish who arrived to america when it was discovered talked castilian.. but there is another dialects like galician.. catalan.. valencian.. etc

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