Buenos Aires, A person of the Most LGBT-Helpful Metropolitan areas in the Planet

The Buenos Aires City government has created a seven-moment online video in which several members of the LGBT community reveal why Buenos Aires continues to be one particular of the greatest metropolitan areas in the world for them.


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  1. There's still homophobic people in buenos aires, don't think that it's a paradise. Even if we have a long path till it's really accepted, i'd say we've come a long way, especially young people. I mean, i go to a catholic school and they talk about accepting homosexuality.
    But yeah, there's still a looooot of hate…

  2. Si bien es cierto que estos espacios existen y son seguros para la comunidad gay, todavia nos gritan putos en la calle y todavia hay crimenes de odio. El gobierno de la ciudad en vez de usarnos para atraer turistas deberia sancionar la ley de cupo laboral trans y garantizar el respeto y la implementacion de la ley de identidad de genero. Porque si no nos quedamos en la diversidad para la foto, pero lo que sea disidente a ese otro marco, la sigue pasando para el culo.

  3. It really depends. Argentina is an overall open society towards most of the sexual minorities out there, but still there's a lot of racist, homophobe people, mostly in province neighbourhoods than in CABA. The youth may accept it and even embrace it, but most adults and elders still have a strong view towards homosexuality. Besides, we're generally very direct, passionate people when fighting lmao, so coming and standing ground on your opinions here is not for the faint of heart.
    There's no country where homophobia doesn't exist, so instead of trying to flee towards other countries, movilized by dreamish tourism, wouldn't it be better to try to improve your own community yourself, with baby steps?

  4. Me encantó la cinematografía de este video!!!!! Muy al estilo de VICE o i-D. Me encanto como lograron capturar muchas cosas positivas de la ciudad. Recuerdo que la primera vez que fui a Buenos Aires, siendo un adolescente del interior, el sentimiento era de mucho miedo por cómo aparece siempre en los medios como un lugar horrible, peligroso, y machista. Pero también tiene su encanto. Excelente video!

  5. Buenos Aires is a really nice city, everyone can walk in our streets. Black, White, Mestizo, Asian, African, Indigenous, LGBT, poor, rich, blond, brunette. It doesn't matters, everyone is equally respected.

    Is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the world.

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