British Travelers On Getaway #Spain #journey

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ROME in 4K Playlist: ITALY in 4K Playlist: EUROPE in 4K Playlist: In this journey reel are offered some attractive avenue watch establishing photographs in day time of some well known searching streets situated in Lazio, Rome, the cash town of Italy in the European Union. Well known iconic italian tourism landmarks can be viewed […]


  1. Had a boyfriend who, when needing the loo at night, took the same home route from his bed to the bathroom regardless of where we were staying. Found him in a wardrobe, out in the hotel corridor and heading for a window. May account for a few falling over balconies… They need to lock them at night.

  2. luckily the type of people that go on these holidays don't have enough money for flights to america, so at least they still think we're classy victorians with monocles and top hats.

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