British Airways selling tourism to South Africa at this time

Understanding the fact of what is occurring in South Africa right now what are the authorized risks struggling with organisations like British Airways if a person of their passengers, responding to this advert, is attacked, injured or worse though in South Africa?


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  1. The British media have nothing at all to say about what is happening their in SA. When one of the locals appropriate a white tourists life, then and only then will you see some action….

  2. yes let the tourists come and when they return they can spread the facts on the situation and more people will be aware and then just maybe the international community will hopefully step in to help us? :/

  3. You only have to look at the state of the British government to ascertain their credibility, BA is a representation of the dysfunctional British legacy, it is no longer GREAT BRITAIN as a nation we admired and respected, right from the royal family down to the poverty stricken refugees and illegal migrants…. a broken country….

  4. Well that is one way to get the word out lol . Fucking England is losing their heads as well just in a different capacity . I wonder if they are still signing the mandela-ites checks along with china .

  5. Well i guess its TRUE. the british have there head way up ramaphosa and melema big smelly assholes
    The antichrist brits dont give a shit about any one anyone BOERS DON'T TRUST THEM. And u should be able to sue them if ur family travel to s.a because of a promo for brit airaways as long as u have proof

  6. Britain is full of arseholes in the political sphere and enough in the public domain to elect them despite the fact that neither of the 2 main parties ever address the issue of immigration with any sincerity .
    Something like the twats who keep electing the ANC despite the whole country going from sugar to pure sh!te. Cognitive dissonance ?

  7. If a British citizen gets mugged or murdered by blacks, they'll blame the whites, by stating it's the whites fault the majority is living in poverty, all the murderers wanted was money too feed there 20 kids. Boohoo.

  8. Not every one focuses on negative things like you theys a lot of good in our country but you are too obsessed with government failures we have tourist coming in and out of Soweto every day and confidently walk alone taking photos with the locals

  9. @Loving Life:
    I'm almost tempted to go! As an American, if I went, got attacked by
    these negro's, I could very-well sue the U.S. Subsidiary! In
    Lawsuit-Crazy America, as having seen the advertisements, and got
    enticed to go there, claiming it'd be a great vacation, I think I could
    I'd have two things upon my side: Jurisdiction , as they advertised
    the Vacation, and have a Subsidiary in the U.S., and (under American
    Law) Vicarious Liability! It's what happens when damages caused to a
    person, or thing(s) can be attributable to something/someone, even
    indirectly! Wonders out loud: _"Hmm…. Could this be the key to the
    Jackpot I seek???…"_ I'm actually staring to think I should chance it!
    I mean, I do have to get my happy-ass there to rescue two folks
    anyways, so why not!?! 😀

  10. Not quite sure why people here are equating a private sector company to a country as if the two entities are the same thing, just because it has the country's name in the company's name but there goes. The only time British Airways would become the same entity as the British state would be in the event of war. That's when the government would take over the airline for the purpose of transport.

    As for the legal situation, it has nothing to do with the airline that takes you to the destination. Your contract is with the travel agent company and they will cover themselves in the small print of the contract. If anything was to happen and you could prove that you were not warned of the dangers, it would be the travel agent company you'd attempt to sue and not the courier.

  11. I'm starting to give up on the UK too. It breaks my heart to say it, but it's gone. Parts are now only one step up from a third world country. It never adapted to make the changes necessary to keep up. Including sensible gov policy. All the politicians are rotten, and the laziness and petty jealousy that thrives in leftism is rife in modern day society. People hate you just for being prolife / not completely following the left narrative.
    Well, I am prolife, for all life: whether it be South Africa, the middle east or the unborn. I make no apologies for it.
    They are promoting South Africa because there is a complete media black out in the uk. They call the genocide fake. T may said she had no problem with the land grab, so long as it was legal.
    If someone gets killed, well they make people buy travel insurance prior to departure, so the companies are covered.
    No doubt there's an MP somewhere with shares in BA and South African tourism.

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