BREAKING – ‘UK is our most important market!’ Spain in Brexit Stress as tourist boss warns of no deal Catastrophe #Spain #travel

‘UK is our most important market!’ Spain in Brexit Stress as tourist boss warns of no deal Catastrophe
Brexit information: Spain would experience a main blow to its tourist field in the occasion of a no deal (Image: GETTY Photographs)Javier Pinanes, director of Spain’s tourist office environment in London, reported motels in destinations like the Balearic Islands are heavily reliant on the hundreds of thousands of vacationers who visit from the Uk each 12 months. And he acknowledged travel disruption which could stick to if the Uk leaves the EU devoid of a deal would be “a actually big dilemma”.His warning will come as negotiators from the Uk and EU endeavor to attain a compromise above the Irish border as exit talks enter their closing critical levels. Yesterday, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab informed MPs an agreement is inside sight but reported the Federal government is also “expediting preparations” for a probable no deal. For us, it would be a actually big dilemma Jav…

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  1. Is this what it's come too in our country now?. It is disgusting and corrupt and i will have nothing more to do with a party that entertains it. May is buying DUP votes' if you and i did this outside a polling station we would be arrested immediately but she AGAIN gets away with it. And it's done in our name with our money making us accessories to her crime.

  2. Fake news. Where the British will go for holidays? Let me think? Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, all fill with gangs, drug cartels and violence? Perhaps travel for a week before reaching sunny Australia or Thailand? Let me recommend something closer home. Iraq, Syria or Morocco? Oh, forgot, Isis.

  3. Spain better get used empty hotel rooms to go with unsold houses your future looks dim. Mind you you Eurocrats are even dimmer reap the seeds you sow you pathetic whining morons, one we have left we won’t be coming back you treacherous, conceited morons. Fill your billions of empty properties with Soros sourced refugees, they deserve more, unlike the UK you Europeans are pathetic, you don’t se sense till it’s too late, then whine like poor soulless puppies, me I can’t wait – then go back to Barnier, Soros, Tusk and then Belgian buffoon And see what they suggest ha

  4. Don’t worry Spain Junker and Verhophstat, and Tusk, and Barnier will have an answer to your problems, they know everything and are never short of brilliant ideas. Despite everything the EU happy family must stick together.

  5. I’ll never go there again, all the threats over Gibraltar you’ve shown your true colours. People aren’t always going to Europe anyway, they are travelling far and wide these days and who can blame them. I personally don’t ever want to visit any one of the EU 27 countries again especially after their bullying, undemocratic behaviour.

  6. Well Spain getting the idea we will go somewhere else like the cars if you put tariffs on goods we will buy are goods from somewhere else , this is a simple fact , let’s walk away pay nothing then let the EU ask us for a deal and we will discuss it if it’s good for us not for them

  7. Haha not long ago Spain were having a pop at us slagging us off. Yeah you should have remembered the brits spend a fortune holidaying there, or used to. Shove your crap holiday location up your arse. I tell everyone to go to Italy or Greece were the people are lovely respectful and pleased you are spending there. Bollocks to Spain time to go elsewhere were we are wanted. Your gona be sorry. Like the French wines and cheese makers, German car makers, bacon producers, all of you have been disgraceful and disrespectful so bollocks to you. You'll be the big time losers. Brain dead the lot of you. Nice 39 billion to keep and spend on our people and economy. You'll all sink ha

  8. MUCH BETTER PLACES TO GO THAN SPAIN! it was great 20 – 30 years ago but not any more and the icing on their cake was to join the rotten Euro, it might of been all nice and Rosie for the first decade or so being awash with BILLIONS of eu euros (a great deal of that cash being our taxes) having motorways/ railways etc etc built gratis free!!!! But now has come the sting in the tail!!!!! I WAS ALWAYS TOLD NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE and how true that saying IS.

  9. Oh, at last the penny has dropped. Reality is dawning now that project fear is failing.
    The EUSSR is putting punishment of the UK before the wellbeing of people of Europe.

  10. The Brussels 3 will get what they deserve – sorry 4 that includes Tusk!! Brussels have been toying around with the UK for too long- don't buy EU cars, wine, holidays or equipment- the UK grows very good wine, manufactures cars etc – the unelected EU commission/parliament/ whatever they call themselves should suffocate in their own…………..

  11. People won't be travelling to Spain….. Its threatening behaviour towards the UK in the EU Parliament over Gibraltar and people who have chosen to retire in Spain have shown Spain up as less than acceptable. No amount of changing your mind at the last minute will convince the British…. Its a pity the Spanish didn't speak up sooner, Isn't it?

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