Botswana Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Botswana.
Botswana is the largest natural paradise in southern Africa. Limited tourism, a combination of untouched wilderness and the comfort and luxury of a handful of safari camps, makes this Africa’s model country. Our journey begins in nearby Zimbabwe that is located close to Botswana’s northern frontier at Victoria Falls that is undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural wonders in the world. Eighty kilometres west and we have crossed the Botswana border and arrive in the first large city in the north of the country, Kasane, that is located on the Chobe River and marks the country’s frontier with Namibia. In addition to growing tourism the fishing industry is also important to Kasane’s economy. The river contains an abundance of fish and so the local fishermen are provided with a good income to support their families. Since 1915 Ma-Un has been Botswana’s main city and until the beginning of the 1990s was only accessible via dusty gravel roads, a border town on the edge of a vast wilderness. The state run Moremi National Park that extends for around a hundred thousand hectares is the largest nature reserve in the Okavango Delta. It is located on Chief’s Island, the largest island in the region. In recent years further private wildlife reserves have been established that are well worth a visit and are also strictly controlled and protected natural habitats. Amid the African wilderness we arrive at a luxurious lodge that is not only the ideal starting point for many safaris but also provides a good degree of relaxation after an exhausting day out. Suddenly two members of the San Tribe approach the lodge. These ‘Bushmen’ will accompany us on our journey into the Kalahari Desert that is also their home. Elephant herds on the Chobe River, the vast wilderness of the Kalahari and the mystique of the Okavango Delta help to make Botswana one of the last great paradises on Earth!

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  1. “Botswana Vacation Video Travel Guide”
    – First 20% of video is about Zimbabwe

    Wonder when this was made; if I’m not mistaken, Maun today has a population closer
    to 50,000

    Some points:

    36:14 In the southeast lies a city that boasts the finest infrastructure in Botswana
    – See 39:05
    37:03 Under the leadership of king Gaborone, in 1880 the Tlokwa …..
    – shows the statue of Sir Seretse Kama
    38:00 …. The central administration of Botswanaland ??
    – And here I thought the protectorate was called Bechuanaland
    38:17 In 1966 Botswana gained its independence, and in 1968 king Gaborone was given the freedom of the city, a great honor for the powerful and wise chieftain.
    – From Wikipedia: Kgosi Gaborone (ca. 1825 – 1931)
    39:05 The city area is enormous, but without any real planning and infrastructure

    These blunders make me slightly annoyed, because they might give people a somewhat distorted impression of this beautiful country that I love almost like my own-

  2. Zimbabwe should change the official "world renowned" name, Victoria Falls… A European had NO BUSINESS naming a water falls in AFRICA. Zimbabwe Falls, Zambezi Rivers Falls, or Chobe River Falls, would be more appropriate.

  3. I luv watching wildlife, in their habitat. So exciting & beautiful I can only imagine the fun they're having , when I was a child i looked forward to visiting the zoo that was in 1954 I had no knowledge of the beauty that exist there. Once I learned about Africa I always wondered how nice it would be to visit & feeling you're in a different world. I can almost feel it now just by watching. Thanks.

  4. Correction there mr narrator…David livingstone dd not discover those falls… He renamed them to please his masters. They have a local name by Africans who discovered them thousand of years before David was even born…!!

  5. Apparently Botswana has, or had, a good government, with a good economy. The Botswana Pula is also above the South African Rand. I'm in South Africa, and people whom I've known, who visited there, liked the place.

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