Black Forest Germany Travel Guide | 6 Reasons You Have To Visit | South German Road Trip #Germany #travel

Black Forest Germany Travel Guide | 6 Reasons You Have To Visit | South German Road Trip

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This German travel video we show you why you must visit the Black Forest in Germany. This German travel guide gives 6 reasons it should be on your bucket list. It starts with a scenic drive on the Black Forest High Road and a great place to road trip. From here you can go to the waterfalls, all saints Abbey, many lakes like mummelsee and get to try black forest cake. There are so many places for hiking and if you are feeling lazy, there are easy viewpoints as well. A great place for a few days in nature.

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  1. hi my lovely beans. Mit euren Videos öffnet ihr mir die Augen für all die Schönheit in meiner Heimat.With your videos you open my eyes for all this nice landscape,specially black forest.thanks god for grow up here. viele Grüße aus Deutschland.Und weiter so.

  2. One of my favorite areas in GER is the "Lahntal" (Lahn Valley) in the state of Hesse. If you choose to visit it, take the regional train from Limburg to Koblenz and make sure to take seats on the right hand side. Best time of the year is summer/early fall.

  3. Oh my gosh this activated a memory from like fifteen years ago when I went on a youth orchestra trip and stayed in Baden Baden!! Totally forgot where it was lol. Beautiful area though but could never get used to the fizzy tap water…

  4. So… you went on a roadtrip to Freudenstadt. But you missed Glatten? Are you even a Liverpool fan?
    Actually i cant blame you, as a BVB Fan from the Region i never visited Glatten aswell 😛

    Okay i subscribed – didnt check when you started your journeys but it seems kina undarrated to me.
    I had my years vacation scheduled for late september to visit my parents and for a 6 day hike through the southern part of the Black Forrest – my plans fell through.
    But just last night i stumbled on this video

    . And i cried a little.

    I dont think you did the Black Forrest justice yet 🙂 … the western 3rd of germany specifically is so diverse as it creeps up to the swiss alps, and it boasts it all, industrial revolution and the sleepiest towns in the hills.

  5. well, I'm 6'3 354lbs even though I'm all gut thanks to many beer consumptions I have no a@# (Butt) ain't no way I'm driving in that little fiat we got them here in the USA they actually have more room than you think but still not happening lol. Thanks for showing me around as I watch more you german video you're giving me a good view to see where my grandparents came from. I plan on going to Munich next fall but will see. And if you wanna Explore little Germany you gotta see Leavenworth Washington the whole town is like a german village here in the states.

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