Biolite Cookstove £40 @ Amazon. Also Biolite Kettle Charge £75 #traveldeals

Found by mif

It's an expensive way to cook but a lot cheaper than normal.

The Biolite Cookstove is usually about £75

Portable campfire burn sticks, twigs, pinecones & pellets

Control flames with air flow – four fan speed settings to control flame Size

Compact, nested design – store power pack in burn Chamber to save space

Integrates with Biolite cooking accessories works with the kettle and portable grill for all your outdoor cooking needs

Link for the Biolite Kettle Charge. This is usually about £100

10W On-Demand Power: Charge with the strength of a wall outlet

An audible alert sounds if the unit is getting too hot, helping to prevent accidental overheating.

Battery Boost: Stores power for a quick charge with no heat or water

Folding Power Handle: Packs flat and angles up for perfect pouring. 750ml Stainless Steel Kettle: Boil water for cooking, drinking, cleaning

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