BIKING THE CAMINO: A Lifetime-Switching Cycling Getaway in Portugal & Spain #Spain #journey

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  1. Hey Darren, a quick question, if I may. Was you riding one of your Co-Motion bikes on this tour or a bike provided by the tour organisers? And all the other folks, were any of them on their own bikes?

    Portugal looks lovely in these videos of yours, but then Portugal IS lovely, it's probably my favourite country to visit. I've never ridden a bike there yet though, so perhaps I need to remedy that someday.

  2. The last time that I was in Portugal was back in 2011 around Braga, and at Valenca do Minho, on a day trip out from Pontevedra. And to think…. some people actually want to come to London and get away from all of that beauty around them. I want to get as far away from London as I can.

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