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WIND. MOUNTAINS. Climbing. Nature. Patagonia is a rough position for cyclists… primarily if you’re heading north to Alaska. This is the 1st episode of my two-yr bicycle tour up toward North The usa. Subscribe to uncover out about what other problems I get myself into!! 😂😂😂

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  1. Great video and some amazing footage. You've definitely put a lot of effort into getting those shots in extremely testing weather! How much extra time do you spend having to set the camera up and then riding back into the shot? Some of the long shots of you riding along must have taken quite a while.

  2. Just the shear magnitude of it all. Seems to be a huge trade off. Solo touring with multiple camera angles, or campanion touring with awkward moments daily. Tolerance and patients would define a companion.

  3. Wow!!!….the scenery is certainly to die for….but being a semi-retired musician, I really like the accompanying sound tracks …. sooo! …could you give us some clues as to who we've been listening to….Thanks and more power to you

  4. I have been following you on Instagram, I cannot believe that not only are you taking breathtaking photographs, on your amazing cycle ride… You are managing to put together an incredible videos.

    Well done

  5. New Subscriber. Amazing adventure, dude! I dream of doing what you are doing someday. Maybe just the Patagonia part…southerly, as you say! Like to do it with my wife in retirement, if I can convince her to go to the next level with our cycling. 25 miles down and back round trip to breakfast on PCH in San Diego county on the weekend is where we are now. One can only hope!!! Keep on Trekking!

  6. Good job again!
    I found your Japan video before my trip there last year. I also saw a brown bear, but fortunately wasn't attacked!
    Planning to cycle North to South America so looking forward to more videos of this trip!

  7. I'm blown away you took the time to get content despite the amount of duress you would've been under with the wind and late nights etc. The hard work really shows, Great edit man!

  8. Hi, Alee! It was really great to meet you in El Chalten. Now Lida, Illia and me are at home. And I am looking forward to your next video, where our team rode few days and weeks ago. Have a nice and safety trip in Patagonia! And thanks for this video. I miss Patagonia

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