Bic Unicorn Stationery Set 20 Pack – 3.50 @ Tesco (Min Basket / Delivery Charge Applies) #traveldeals

Good value stationery set.

The BIC Pastel Writing set is a collection of 20 pastel highlighters, ballpoint pens, and fine felt tips that not only look pretty, but also deliver legendary BIC quality and value.

Pack Includes:

4 x Pastel BriteLiner Grip Highlighters
2 x 4 Colour Fashion Pens
6 x Pastel Intensity Fineliners
4 x Cristal Bicolour Classic Colour Pens
4 x Cristal BIColour Fashion Colour Pens

2 BIC 4 Colours Fun Biro pens with medium 1.0 mm ballpoints and barrels in sky blue or lilac. They each write in pink, purple, turquoise, and lime green inks.
4 BIC Highlighter Grip Pastel highlighter pens in pastel shades of blue, yellow, green, and pink. They feature a ribbed rubber grip and a rugged 1.6 mm chiselled nib that adjusts for thick or thin lines.
6 BIC Intensity Fine writing felt pens with an ultra-fine 0.8 mm tip that creates clean 0.4 mm lines in pink, dark yellow, lilac, light blue, jade, and light green.
8 BIC Cristal Up ballpoint pens with snow white barrels and a wide 1.2 mm point that writes in green, blue, black, red, light blue, apple green, pink, and purple. A complete collection of pastels and soft shades that will cheer up anything you write or draw.

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