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Italy needs almost no introduction and is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. With many beautiful cities, a rich history, stunning landscapes, some of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands and of course delicious food, I can say without a doubt that Italy is one of my favourite destination in Europe.

As well as vibrant cities like Rome where old and new mingle seamlessly, you can also enjoy the less crowded coastal areas where you can relax on sandy beaches and swim in limpid seas. In addition to exploring Italy proper, you can also hop over to neighboring Sicily and enjoy a different side of life that also offers some of the best food 

migliori posti da visitare in italia

mount vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is one of the most famous and beautifual mountains in the world. #migliore destinazione d’italia.
# luoghi meravigliosi d’italia.
bei posti d’italia.
guida turistica per l’italia.
prima visita in italia.
prima visita d’italia
migliore destinazione da visitare in italia.
posti fantastici da visitare in italia.

Lake como

Lake Como is an amazing ‘ charming and 146 square kilometers lake .
Frasassi cave visit.

Frasassi Cave is located deep in the grounds of Ancona and descending into this wonderful feat of nature you can feel like you are travelling to the center of the earth.
Gargano National Park

It is Located in Puglia region. 

Sardinia is the 2nd biggest Italian island. It is known around the world for its stunning beaches.


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