Berlin Tour #Germany #travel

We consider a tour round ther German capital of Berlin. We try some meals with a distinction, go shopping annd locate out a bit about Berlins record together with a check out to the Brandenberg Gate and even the resort where by Michael Jackson notoriously held his son outdoors a window.


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  1. Thanks for your Berlin video blog!

    Just one remark; The Neue Wache memorial at 06:00 does not only remember to the victims of the holocaust, it remembers to all victims of the nazi tyranny.

    Neath the poignant statue (this is an enlarged statue copy created by the famous german artist Käthe Kollwitz, who lost her 17 years old son on the battlefields of WW I) "Mother with her dead son" are buried an unknown german soldier from the battlefields of WW 2 and a victim of a concentration camp.

  2. I'm going to Berlin next march for a school trip, already been to Berlin last June-July, but I enjoyed it so much, I thought, why not? I think Berlin is amazing and am looking forward too it 😀 plus I forgot to try some Bratwurst last time, so this will be my second chance 😛

  3. @kensington25 yeah, I was watching this to see if I should see anything else while I'm there…I figure I might as well go sight seeing since I'm going on an 8hour plane ride for a 2hour concert.

  4. Berlin is not a "beautiful" as I though it would be…I imagined it to be something like my hometown of Paris…you know….monuments every block, beautiful architecture and such, I still love Germany though, awesome country !!!!! (My fav. town in Germany is still Munich) >.>

  5. but you get used to it. also, in texas, you learn to appreciate snow. it only snows a little bit once or twice a year and when it does, it's less than an inch and it melts quickly. but this year, we had our biggest snowfall in 30 years (7 inches). yeah…that probably won't happen again. the winter's are relatively nice…at least compared to england. you can walk out in short sleeves in december.

  6. Thank you so much. I adore Berlin too and think that it is an amazing city in so many ways and I love the light that it has. I think I could live there quite easily. Thank you so much for your kind comments and for watching 🙂

  7. Dear Mista Kensington, thanks alot for this beautiful, great video. I'm a hug Berlin Fan and whenever I see this video…the sun, the light in Berlin (did u recognize the sun and the lights shine differently in Berlin thn elsewhere?) the sights…I want to sit in the next train to Berlin and stay forever. Thanks for that great video.

  8. if youtube persists with these stupid impossible to read anti spam traps I will have to say goodbuy to comments on videos.

    Why should a simple task become such a pain in the ass.

    Sorry youtube you again fail me, mind you I loved this video.

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