Berlin is Big : 10 sites off the overwhelmed tracks ! #Germany #journey

Berlin in Germany is an wonderful area. I just acquired back again and I expose some mystery sites I have been to.

Very first Locality : Friedrichshain

Undoubtedly the area I appreciated the most in Berlin. Becoming in this area, made me experience like a Berliner. Amazing men and women, authentic streets

Around Simon Dach Strasse.
I mentioned all over, simply because this street tends to be a little bit touristic proper now. In the night time, Stroll and get lost all over it, you can surely come across some awesome sites like this “artisanal” brewery. In the morning, Friedrichshain is silent and you can come across great terrasses to hang over.

The east side gallery.
A painted section the berliner wall still standing. I experienced the probability to see it with a buddy from East Germany, who explained to me what he did and what he felt when the wall arrived down in the night time of the nine november 1989. Going.

Raw tempel :
Like quite a few sites in Berlin, this one particular is truly alternativ. Fleah market place, Live shows, Events, Theatre, and even a Skateboarding corridor.

Michel Berger Resort.
An lodge, A bar, A restaurant, virtually a area to live on its personal. Fantastic working day breaker with a refreshing Fountain of Youth coconut drinking water.

Karl Marx Allee.
Terrifying structures in a completely out-mesured avenue. Terrific to experience like strolling with staline.

The oberbaumbrucke at night time.
Pause the second and admire the town. Beautiful isn’it.

Second locality : Kreuzberg and Neukoln

To set points just : north of Kreuzberg is hispter’s home town, south is minor turkey and neukoln is preferred. Anyway, it s great to see this other confront of Berlin specifically immediately after becoming a little bit historic.

OranienStrasse :
Home town of the berliner Hipsters. My sister explained to me about the need to-see bar named S-O-36 but I skipped it. Would you be variety plenty of to examine it for me ?

Turkisher Markt
Large turkish group in Berlin. Liked it. Tons of turkish products, and on tusday and Friday mornings, an wonderful turkish market place all over MAYBACHUFER Ah… the Foodstuff my lord. More infos to arrive in the Berlin Foodstuff video clip.

Volkspark Hasenheide
Large environmentally friendly park in the incredibly south of Kreuzberg, at the border of Neukoln. Very cool, Very wild. Yet again, much more infos are comin in the Berlin is Green Online video.

Third Locality : Around PrenzlauerBerg

Sure. This area has turn into buzz. But the atmosphere is undoubtedly comfortable, and there is still cool points to do over there.

Known as the king of fleah markets in Berlin. You can come across anything listed here from classic things to meals and live shows and artists.

I can’t really encourage you to break in men and women homes, but if the doorway is open and the men and women are smiling, you could want have a loook at these arranged sites.

I know it is only a tiny overview of Berlin but as I do prefer to share sites I like than sites I ve heard about.

Of study course, I would be happy to listen to your favorites sites in Berlin, so experience totally free to remark, like and of study course, subscribe to the channel. Bye Bye.

Thanks you men for seeing !



  1. Great suggestions. I too would rather experience the true Berlin as it is today, rather than dig through its history. I will definitely check these 3 areas out on my trip later this year

  2.  l like this video a lot. Very good. I am a Berliner and I learnt a few things (Hotel Berger e.g.).. the sites you mention are very recommandable…plus… it is very pleasant to listen to your voice  Very agréable….j'adore le petit accent francais..charmant…

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