Berlin: Continually changing city | Find out Germany #Germany #vacation

Berlin – a constantly changing capital. Berlin has repeatedly reinvented by itself – following the destruction of Earth War II or with challenges like the reunification. Right now the modern day metropolis welcomes visitors from all about the earth.


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  2. I loved Berlin, as a New Zealander it was as far away from home as one could get! However I felt very at home there; food, beer and most importantly the people! Yes the Germans do have a sense of humour, very much so!

  3. One thing that shows u that Germany is full of old people is the number of museums that they have… In Germany, the infrastructure that u could build without any protest or lawsuit are things that are appealing more to old people like museums and theatres…If a bridge or skyscraper or highway wanted to be built, a whole movement mostly pensioners (they have a lot of time in their hands to protest) would file a lawsuit against such project and cause considerable delay which increase the cost and afterwards, they would scapegoat the financiers or authority for overshooting the targeted cost for the project…

  4. Thanks DW! There is no place on earth I wish to visit before my time on earth is over, more than Berlin. Growing up in the US in the 50s-60s, our fears of nuclear war were all centered on Berlin, with Presidents Kennedy and Reagan making important speeches in Berlin the city importance was reinforced. I would have loved to share in the joy with the wall coming down. The relief felt by my generation was great.

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