Beautiful Places To Visit in Southern SPAIN #Spain #travel

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Hola mi amigos y mi amigas! Are you planning to travel in Spain?
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Watch and find out the tourist spot where in Spain Game of Thrones season 5 was filmed.
These tourist spots are worth visiting. Visited more than 7 places in Spain not to mention the beautiful beaches in Spain.
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  1. I was in Barcelona for 7 years ago. The city are beautiful but there is a warning. The food are terrible and don´t drink spanish milk and never visit bad restuarant!! I did become sick cause of bad spanish milk.

  2. I really love Europe i wish someday
    I could visit this places to see and experience the fascinating sceneric view, thanks sis for this video u shared, i am amazed of the structures ❤️

  3. That's very nice and interesting place and very like the historical you shared about the place how I wish can visit the place keep it up and good luck thanks for dropping by my videos uploaded

  4. Great video here, I will have to visit more regularly. I have been to Algeciras on the southern tip of Spain. Very beautiful there.

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