Beano Gnasher Christmas jumper (site-wide code 25% off at Beano web shob for BF) #traveldeals

100% acrylic. Gnnnnnice.

A Christmas jumper to out-Christmas-jumper the best of them!

Red and black stripes? Check! A bulbous pompom nose? You bet! Gnasher? Absolutely!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a novelty jumper, and this

year comic fans have the chance to get their hands on this exclusive,

limited edition, top of the range offering from Beano. Features

Gnasher’s face with a red Rudolph nose and Dennis’s trademark red and

black stripes. Eagle-eyed comic readers will have spotted Dennis wearing

this very jumper in issue 3964. What can we say? He’s a trend-setter!

Follow in his footsteps with this, the best* Christmas jumper of all


Sizes M, L & XL available just now.

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