Battle of the Bulge 10 Rare WWII Then & Now Photographs: 2nd SS Division Das Reich #Germany #travel

BATTLE OF THE BULGE THEN & NOW – In this episode we will be following the route of the German 2nd SS Panzer Division and cover the heroic story of Richard Wiegand who stopped them in their tracks. Bob Konings is a tour guide and one of the best Battle of the Bulge researchers out there. This area is his specialty and so he is the perfect person for this relatively unknown area of the Battle of the Bulge.

Photo 1: M4 Sherman Tanks destroyed by Franz Frauscher during Battle of the Bulge at Belle Haie, south of Grandmenil, Belgium 1945.
Photo 2: On top of an American Tank in the center of Manhay, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge 1945.
Photo 3: Turned over Tank of Franz Frauscher in Manhay, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge in 1945.
Photo 4: Turned over Tank of Franz Frauscher in Manhay, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge in 1945.
Photo 5: Paratroopers of the 517th PIR in Manhay, Belgium in December during the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944
Photo 6: Civilians being evacuated out of Manhay and Grandmenil, Belgium during the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944.
Photo 7: Destroyed house at the crossroad between Manhay and Grandmenil, Belgium taken after the Bulge.
Photo 8: Aerial Picture of Grandmenil showing the knocked out German Tanks in the field.
Photo 9: 2nd Armored Division Artillery on the road in Grandmenil, Belgium in January 1945.
Photo 10: Sherman tank of the 2nd Amored Division moves past the knocked out Panther Tank at Trou du Loup west of Grandmenil, Belgium in January 1945.


Produced & Edited by: Joey van Meesen
Cameraman: Florent Plana:
Tour Guide: Bob Konings –

Researcher: Bob Konings:
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  1. What a great channel. I am so impressed with your work. Do you offer private contract investigative services for hire? We lost a family member during the Bulge, know the unit, day in which he was KIA and would like to see the
    general location where his life ended at age 21. Please contact me privately. Thank you.

  2. Really enjoy your then and now videos. It brings history alive for me. My uncle was in the battle of the bulge. It makes me realize what it must have been like being there.

  3. Great job as always and all were my favorite because for me it's always interesting to see the before and after. I like how the battlefields in Europe basically stays the same unlike in the USA where many prefer to destroy our history by putting up strip malls and so on. very sad.

  4. Thank you guys for making these videos, and honoring the heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice. You guys go above and beyond, explaining and portraying what took place down to specific details. Keep up the great work.

  5. Bob is te best! My favourite found ever I made together with Bob in that same area while researching. A Dogtag from an American Medic who survived the war. We sent the Dogtag to his family. I miss those days! Ever get the chance to meet up wit Bob or take his tour? DO it!

  6. Wow, I just discovered your channel and have to watch every video! I have always wondered what these places look like now. You deserve your own show, this is incredible. Thank you for preserving history!!

  7. And I freeze sometimes when I'm out snowblowing. I have nothing to complain about knowing what these soldiers put up with during the Bulge. Years ago I got to know a guy at church. He was very quiet but once he found out that my dad was a WW2 fighter pilot, he felt comfortable to talk. I learned that Joe was 101st Airborne and that he was there during the Bulge. He said him and a couple other troops would stand in a circle and put their arms up around each other like in a huddle and leaned in on each other to help stay warm.

  8. A incredible video and awesome then and now pictures ! Congratulations again guys ! Just a question about the man who stopped the Panzer SS Division, why did he has a MP and Air Corp patch ? He was in the Air Corp before ?

  9. Bravo Joey! Love your work on Then/Now! I had the pleasure of touring with Bob at these locations last February. Thank you for memorializing such an amazing place of history.

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