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Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guideline | The homeland of the proud and resilient Basque individuals is split in between France and Spain. From our San Sebastián household base, we tour the historic Basque cash of Guernica, the dazzling Guggenheim Bilbao, and then cross into France for a lot more Basque State charms. From yummy tapa bars to lightning-rapid jai alai games, we are going to encounter Basque lifestyle at its most vivid.

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  1. We travelled here for our 20th wedding anniversary. It was hands down the best vacation we have ever had in Europe. Strongly recommended for the people, the food, the culture, and the landscape.

  2. Give a shot in the back of the neck to any citizen for not thinking like you is according to Rick Steves a "violent activity", It is the same as burning a trash can or throwing a stone at a shop window. Shame on you.

  3. You are lying Basque people doesnt define Basque Country as anything,only some people from Basque Country do it! NOT ALL, thats why there were thousand of muders in Spain for so many years! omg!

  4. I am from Portugal living in Spain: The Basque country and its people deserves all my respect, consideration and admiration. A place that offers me the most joy and pleasure on each time i go there.

  5. Found out through Ancestry DNA I have Basque in my blood 🙂 im Native American, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, African, Irish, English and of course Basque

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